Friday, May 22, 2009

Illusions, Misconceptions & Misunderstandings - III

WARNING: This series of posts should be read under Parental Sub-conscious Guidance. Not suitable for Minors (under-)grads with only trivial encounters with Physic(ist)s.

This is the third volume of the IMM series of posts. For previous ones, search the archives on the left! So lets get started...


Following is a conversation between a guy and two girls I heard on the bus early in the morning (~7:40 AM) while travelling from my apartment to the department to attend QFT class:

…<some uninteresting crap>

Guy: There were two girls with me, who were first-timers…

Girls: So how did it go???/What was it like???

Guy: Well, <someone> told me that I could do whatever I felt like...

It gets a bit graphic after this for a few sentences and ‘uninteresting’ but anyhow it became clear after a while what the whole conversation was all about… Any guesses??? Its obviously not the obvious one!!! Behold the SCENE they were apparently talking about - Proctoring an Exam!!!

If you don’t understand this talk now, hell you are not alone (also that is not my problem!) I still don’t  get what the hell was he trying to convey anyway!!!


This one is particularly about coincidences and am experimenting on trying to fit it into these series of posts quite ‘seamlessly’! So here goes the Untitled experiment:

Setup: Late last year (around Diwali [Oct/Nov] I guess), I had a dream about a girl’s name ‘Anita’. It was not the first time though(!) and it is more unusual because I do not know anyone of that name in reality!

Theory: My mother who was visiting Kolkata (CCU) at that time informs me “she’d found her daughter-in-law!” I go ‘Hahaha hehehe’ and shrugged ‘it’ off… What else can one do while on a phone call??? :)

Data: After a few days, I saw a name on Orkut’s recent visitor list: Ankita. Obviously, I checked her profile and gathered two ‘crucial’ pieces of information: (i) she IS from CCU; & (ii) she is NOT connected to any of my friends!!!

Results: I go ‘Holy Crap!!! Was She Serious???’

Conclusion/Discussion: I called her up (not then and there, of course!!!) and asked for some details. It turned out my mother was kidding with me…  She did not even have a NAME to tell me in the first place!!! I’m still laughing out loud at how ironic all this turned out to be at the end of the day. :=))

The discussion can obviously continue indefinitely about the success of this experiment but I’m going home (KTM) on Saturday for a month and am writing this post to fulfill the post quota for May (as was done last month… I hope this does not turn into a routine!). So if you want to discuss this experiment further, I leave you with the YM Chat thingy below (also as an experiment!) instead of the usual end-of-the-post-link!