Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spot the Cat and Sundry Others

Given that I have been away from writing proper blog posts, I may have to remind people who I am. I am the one who has been sneakily editing the other posts by my ‘co-blog-author’ once in a while. If that doesn’t remind you all, then the theme of this post will definitely jog your memory because of the similarities to this, this and this post from ages ago. So let’s get started and as usual, spot the things which are not quite easily discernible:

Spot the Cat 1

Spot the Cat 2

Spot the Cat 3

Spot the Bird 1

Spot the Bird 2

The following photos are quite different in what you have to spot. If you have not yet realized that the alt texts on the photos tell you what it is that you’re supposed to spot, then you now know. So hope you don’t shout out that the following one is easy as the squirrel is at the dead center!

Spot the Circle

Spot the Pattern

Spot the Water 1

Spot the Water 2

That is all for now and this end-of-the-post-link should definitely seem familiar as the signature of my posts:

Trip to Busan, S. Korea

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Flowers, cards and gifts all around. Restaurants are crowded although people are on leave before the Chinese New Year. I’m in Guangzhou, so don’t be surprised if I say things that are applicable only to this place. More people are walking hands in hands, neck to neck… hands in hands, neck to neck. [Edit: It’s sickening!] Past proposals and kisses (you know the days they celebrate before the 14th), people who have agreed to stay together are in cloud nine and the remaining ones for whom it has not worked out are either planning their strategies for the next year or enjoying some traditional wine.

May I request you to read posts from this month of the past years ever since this blog has been active. It wouldn’t give you one clue after the other because we definitely are not playing treasure hunt here. Nor would it give you love tips or “how to” guidelines. [Edit: What do you think this blog is for?] But I presume it will make you happy. If it doesn’t, these cartoon strips would for sure.

I think this song from ‘Rab ne Bana di Jodi’ is one of the very romantic songs or so I have felt. [Edit: Me too or so] Don’t ask me about the movie, I have watched it but didn’t like it at all and over time it has become hard for me to like such Bollywood movies. The recent “AIB roast series” comes to my mind at this point, knowing now what these movie makers think about themselves and the public in general, I would like to watch their movies even less.

The year 2014 was a tough one. There were natural calamities, terror attacks, bombings and killings, aircrafts crashing and people going missing, etc, etc… But that only made us feel more connected to each other and support each other. Thanks to this hyper Global connectivity, we also tended to follow some ‘International Trends’. It started off with the ‘Ice Bucket’ challenge in 2014, then it was the ‘Your 10 Favorite Books of all times’. Later we had the ‘Black & White Photography’ challenge and currently it is something called ‘Spread Happiness’. People who are nominated for this last one are supposed to send a surprise to 5 others in the course of one year. I would like to do something similar on this bright day. If you (yes, YOU, the reader) comment on this post or even reply to us personally within the next 7 days, we would like to send you something or at least keep you guessing for the rest of this year. [Edit: I hope you don’t think this is some cheap advertising of this blog!] Wouldn’t you like to feel that much 'special' on some day of this year? Smile with tongue out

Love they say has no bounds,
It can invigorate the mind while impaling the heart.

That is all the outpouring of my romantic quotient on this day,
Happy Valentine’s Day Smile

*The nonsense edits are by the stone-hearted, thick-skinned co-blog-author.