Sunday, November 10, 2019

Great Shayari Once More

Not sure if we will reach the magic number of posts this year but let me publish one to start, anyway.

This year has been an interesting point in my life, both personally and professionally. I have been recently diagnosed with middle-age, less-than-average-functioning body organs and couldn’t-care-less-attitude. In short, haven’t got many years left to live, which is a good thing given the state of this world.

With that internal note out of the way, let me translate a couple of ghazals by the great poet Shakeel Azmi. Giving credit where credit is due, read the tab above marked “Shayari” first and then let’s crack on with the first Ghazal.

कहानी जिसकी थी उसके ही जैसा हो गया था मैं
तमाशा करते करते खुद तमाशा हो गया था मैं

Kahaani jiski thi uske hi jaisa ho gaya tha main
Tamaasha karte karte khud tamaasha ho gaya tha main

I became just like them, whom-so-ever's story it was
Playing so many dramas, a drama was what I'd become

न मेरा नाम था न दाम बाजार-ए-मोहब्बत में
बस उसने भाव पूछा और महंगा हो गया था मैं

Na mera naam tha na daam bazaar-e-mohabbat mein
Bas usne bhaav puchha aur mahanga ho gaya tha main

Neither had I fame nor wealth in the market-of-love
She just asked price, and valuable was what I'd become

बितादी उम्र मैंने उसकी एक आवाज सुनने में
उसे जब बोलना आया तो बहरा हो गया था मैं

Bitaadi umra maine uski ek awaaz sunne mein
Use jab bolna aaya to bahra ho gaya tha main

Spent my whole life expecting to hear her speak once
When she was able to speak, deaf was what I'd become

बुझा तो खुद में एक चिंगारी भी बाकी नहीं रखी
उसे तारा बनाने में अंधेरा हो गया था मैं

Bujha to khud mein ek chingaari bhi baaki nahin rakhi
Use taara banaane mein andhera ho gaya tha main

No sparks were left in me when I got extinguished
To make her a star, darkness was what I'd become

खुद को ढूंढ कर एक रोज गोली मार दी मैंने
जिसे चाहा उसी की जान का खतरा हो गया था मैं

Khud ko dhoondh kar ek roz goli maar di maine
Jise chaaha usi ki jaan ka khatra ho gaya tha main

Having searched, I found and shot myself one day
For my loved one's life, danger was what I'd become

That went in quite a different direction by the end so let us start a second Ghazal:

शाम होने को है घर जाते हैं
अब बुलंदी से उतर जाते हैं

Shaam hone ko hai ghar jaate hain
Ab bulandi se utar jaate hain

It's about dusk, let's go home
Now, let us get off the summit

ज़िंदगी सामने मत आया कर
हम तुझे देख कर डर जाते हैं

Zindagi saamne mat aaya kar
Ham tujhe dekh kar dar jaate hain

Life, do not confront me
I get scared at your sight

ख़ाब क्या देखें थके हारे लोग
ऐसे सोते हैं की मर जाते हैं

Khaab kya dekhen thake haare log
Aise sote hain ki mar jaate hain

How can the tired dream?
They sleep and they die

Well, not quite a full-fledged Ghazal, but here is a bonus Sher and a great one at that:

उसे भूला भी दिया याद भी रखा उसको
नशा उतार दिया ख़ुमार रहने दिया

Use bhula bhi diya yaad bhi rakha usko
Nasha utaar diya khumaar rahne diya

I forgot her and kept her in memories too
Hangover cured but intoxication retained

– शकील आज़मी (Shakeel Azmi)

That’s all for this post. Till the next one,

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