Saturday, April 23, 2011


Read the 5th & 4th line, ignore the 3rd line and read the 2nd & 1st line:


If you get it, you’ll most likely think of it as things getting


Monday, April 11, 2011


…Who the hell truly is???

I think I’m ambidextrous… well, excluding writing (R), erasing (L), playing badminton (L), throwing / catching things (L)… OK, it seems I’m more of a left-handed person but still ambidextrous for purposes of this post.

But something happened today involving my perception of my ambidexterity, which flipped my top. After an hour or so, I was still struggling to get the correct outline of Kokage Kuga, a ‘dark’ character in Sketchbook:


Guess what was the reason for this pathetic display of my artistic ‘prowess’? Yes, you guessed it right… I was trying to draw her facing RIGHT!

After that revelation, I fished for a different picture in which she’s facing left and found one here. After one more hour, I completed my 4th portrait of a character from Sketchbook. I present Kokage Kuga:


Ok, granted it is not as great as Hazuki’s portrait, in that the chin needs a little more work but after two hours of erasing completed outlines at least 7 times, it looks pretty decent to me right now. Also, the background color scheme may feel a little weird compared to the other 3 portraits. The reason is that her signature look is her black eyes & hair (single ponytail) so if I don’t colour them, the portrait may as well be of Natsumi with an altered hairstyle:

Kokage Kuga as Asou Natsumi

Anyway, that’s enough of Sketchbook for this post. I leave you with a ‘unique’ take of Dylan Moran on ‘vegetarianism’ in this

Short Interview

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yahooooooooo, woḩ maara̅ paapadwaalé ko̊!!!

India has… whatever…

What I’m more excited about is the beginning of scanlation of Sketchbook Volume 7!

This volume introduces at least two new human characters (not in the first chapter, though)! “How do I know that?”, I hear you ask… Well, I’ve seen raws (originals) of first few chapters of this volume! Anyway, this volume started out with a bang, without any words:

 First Strip of Sketchbook Volume 7

If you get this strip in less than 3 ‘going throughs’,  you’re better than me at ‘getting’ physical / visual comedy! Speaking of physical / visual comedy, how can we not bow our feet, bring together our heads and fall at his hands: the ultimate physical comedian extraordinaire of all times to have walked this planet gracing us with his ennobling existence (that’s all the clichés I can think of right now), the indestructible

Mr. Bean

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Fool’s Month

Gray Seal on the beach near Helgoland, Germany

This photo was on today with one of the four ‘squares’ showing, “What in the world could be tickling this guy’s funny bone today?”

Anyway, here’s a prank to pull on one’s God (as usual, first read the disclaimers regarding my translations of shayaris here or browse other related posts from the tab titled ‘Shayari’ above on this page just below my blog-title & image to get used to what follows!):

भीड़ इतनी थी कि दर्शन पास से सम्भव न था
दूर से ही देख आए हम उछल के देवता
-ओम प्रकाश यती
Bheed itni thi ki darshan paas se sambhav na tha
Door se hi dekh aaye hum uchhal ke devta
–Om Prakash Yati
It was too crowded to get blessings from up close
I returned after a jump with a faraway glimpse of God
–Om Prakash Yati

Now, let me show off some of my polorama creations:


Scooby Doo

Calvin & Hobbes

Cloudy Day on a Small Planet



Almost a Diya!

An Object of Transformation

Batman Insignia or 2nd Level of JKMSMKJ Polorama?

That’s too much showing off… I’ll stop now and let you get back to

the full Ghazal