Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Fool’s Month

Gray Seal on the beach near Helgoland, Germany

This photo was on today with one of the four ‘squares’ showing, “What in the world could be tickling this guy’s funny bone today?”

Anyway, here’s a prank to pull on one’s God (as usual, first read the disclaimers regarding my translations of shayaris here or browse other related posts from the tab titled ‘Shayari’ above on this page just below my blog-title & image to get used to what follows!):

भीड़ इतनी थी कि दर्शन पास से सम्भव न था
दूर से ही देख आए हम उछल के देवता
-ओम प्रकाश यती
Bheed itni thi ki darshan paas se sambhav na tha
Door se hi dekh aaye hum uchhal ke devta
–Om Prakash Yati
It was too crowded to get blessings from up close
I returned after a jump with a faraway glimpse of God
–Om Prakash Yati

Now, let me show off some of my polorama creations:


Scooby Doo

Calvin & Hobbes

Cloudy Day on a Small Planet



Almost a Diya!

An Object of Transformation

Batman Insignia or 2nd Level of JKMSMKJ Polorama?

That’s too much showing off… I’ll stop now and let you get back to

the full Ghazal

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