Sunday, June 10, 2018

First Two Months…

This post is just going to be a list of updates. Sorry but if I elaborate, these will be a few posts at least.

1) I’m learning how to take care of Sakura Jain on my own. Sometimes it is overwhelming, sometimes tiring but mostly just fine and heart warming.

Sakura Jain

2) We (me and my Superpartner) are watching ‘Black Mirror’ on Netflix. Sharing my favorite episode, feels like we have this system with Ola & Uber drivers already.

3) I recently completed a few specializations on Coursera – a good brush-up after University. These were specializations on hypothesis driven testing, confidence intervals, sample constructions, and the like.

4) I now speak in the voice of Shin-chan [the Hindi dubbed one that we see on Indian channels] 50% of the times with Sakura-chan.

5) Lastly, I’m hearing a lot of sad news of people falling ill or falling through life itself.

A point outside the points above – Sakura has gone from saying ‘uh-goo’ to ‘dee-mu’ [I thought it would be ‘muh-mma’ or something similar but thanks to my luck, Greek letters come first].