Monday, December 25, 2023

It Started, and It Will End!

That’s how years work. And this year won’t be an exception.

2023: TIU

So what could this post be about is what I imagine you wondering at this point! And to answer that I just give a shrug because who knows where this post is headed, or for that matter this whole blog in the near future. If we’re getting that ahead of ourselves, why not worry about the whole world heating up nicely and turning crisp & golden brown for some interstellar being’s planet tikka starter. I should probably write up a story like that for Nature Futures in the new year.

So what else could I talk about here in the last post of this year? I could talk about what I did / accomplish in the last 12 months like I did in some past years. But I don’t think that’s a good idea because I didn’t do much or accomplish much this year. I could review 2023 month-wise like I did last year. But that’s definitely not a good idea as this year is much more depressing than the last year. I could review 2024 on a pro-rata basis (whatever the hell that means!). Yes, that’s more like it. That is a good idea as there is a lot of fake news out there and nobody can complain if I add some more to that ever-increasing nonsensical body of internet content!

  • January: For the first time in a decade, my Superpartner and I did not go to a new city to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
  • February: Sino-Taiwan war started finally!
  • March: Our grand tour of Rajasthan started.
  • April: The grand tour continued since the war had jeopardized our plans to visit Taiwan.
  • May: Back to Bengaluru for a new academic session.
  • June: Puerto Rico became 51st state of USA.
  • July: I finally published a paper that I’d been working on for the last two years!
  • August: Rishi Sunak attacked.
  • September: John Oliver dies.
  • October: Nobel Prizes announced.
  • November: World population decimated due to Rovid-24.
  • December: This blog ends due to obvious reasons.

Happy New Year

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