Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine Week

Well, whatever! You can’t say I didn’t write anything ‘romantic’ on this blog. Here goes a paragraph which could be recited in ~1 minute (you’ve been warned):

Have you slept or are you pretending to sleep? Either way, let me ask you 'How do you do?' and either way I won't get an answer. Because in one case you can't answer and in another, you won't! So let me muse and you be my silent audience. Or to put it another way, you're my muse and I am musing about you. Isn't that a cliché? If not, it should be and if it is, I'm sorry… I don't want to be remembered as someone who used clichés to get his points across. But either way, it's a beautiful phrase, isn't it? Please don't tax yourself to agree. I know your answer. Just thinking about how we think alike makes me quiver with delight! Another cliché but worth it I think. I've been thinking a lot lately which is weird because such things don't mean much. I mean will we remember this conversation when you wake up or when I'm sober next day? Probably not, but still it feels nice to let it all out. You've been my muse and I had mused a lot about you. It wouldn't have been possible otherwise. Someone else wouldn't have cut it… Another cliché but then 'Someone else wouldn't have understood or fit or worked' sounds so dumb. You were a perfect fit, you understood and you worked to cut it just right! That was almost like these words falling in place one after another without much effort… That's almost like you! I remember you, my …

Ignoring the mumbo-jumbo above, this post is basically to point you to this folder, which contains photos from our Jan’14 tour of India. Wait, don’t yet go there to glance at the photos! You can enjoy them after you finish this para… A ‘heart-felt’ appeal: Do share your comments about these photos (both likes & dislikes) with us below or any other channel of communication you find yourself gravitating towards. It will help us improve our photographic vision & techniques so that next time you’ll have less crappy photos to wade through!

On the other hand, hope you enjoyed