Saturday, December 26, 2009

Year-End Take on Shayaris…

…by introducing Waseem Barelvi, i.e.

वसीम बरेलवी

I don’t feel like giving any ‘long’ introductions in this post so to get familiar with the format of this post, check out this post. But before we begin I will ‘re-iterate’ the fact that the translations in this post are not-at-all on par with the original shers. They are just a part of my brain’s effort to continue having faith in the belief that ‘I know English’ and also a sympathetic heart-felt apology to those few Hindi/Urdu-illiterate souls who get lost on the web and end up here once-in-a-while. I will also emphasize that BETTER Translations from my readers (occasional or frequent) are always welcome! So lets begin…

Waseem Barelvi-I

मैं इस उम्मीद पे डूबा की तू बचा लेगा,
अब इसके बाद मेरा इम्तेहान क्या लेगा!
ये एक मेला है, वादा किसीसे क्या लेगा,
ढलेगा दिन तो हर एक अपना रास्ता लेगा!
मैं बुझ गया तो हमेशा को बुझ ही जाऊँगा,
कोई चिराग नहीं हूँ जो फिर जला लेगा!
कलेजा चाहिए दुश्मन से दुश्मनी के लिए,
जो बेअमल है वो बदला किसीसे क्या लेगा!
हज़ार तोड़ के आ जाओ उससे रिश्ता, वसीम,
मैं जानता हूँ वो जब चाहेगा बुला लेगा!

Main iss ummeed pe dooba ki tu bacha lega,
Ab iske baad mera imtehaan kya lega!
Yeh ek mela hai waada kisise kya lega,
Dhalega din to har ek apna raasta lega!
Main bujh gaya to hamesha ko bujh hi jaaunga,
Koi chiraagh nahin hun jo phir jala lega!
Kaleja chahiye dushman se dushmani ke liye,
Jo be-amal hai wo badla kisise kya lega!
Hazaar tod ke aa jaao usse rishta, Waseem,
Main jaanta hun wo jab chahega bula lega!

I drowned thinking you'd save me,
Now how else would you test me!
Which promise do you seek in this carnival,
After the Sunset, they'll continue their travel!
If I die once, I will be forever extinguished,
Am not a candle that can be again ignited!
It takes courage to bear enmity towards an enemy
How can a coward ever take revenge on an enemy!
You may break-up with Him a thousand times, Waseem,
I know a fact that He can summon whenever He likes!

Believe it or not, all these shers are about Death! These make death sound like an exhilarating experience almost like this one! Or maybe not… Anyway, I won’t try to interpret any of these shers for you, try your own hand (or brain) in interpreting these! I assure you, after these shers get ‘internalized’, you’ll feel worldly-wise! Lets continue…

Waseem Barelvi-II

हम ये तो नहीं कहते की हम तुझसे बड़े हैं,
लेकिन ये बहुत है की तेरे साथ खड़े हैं!

Hum ye to nahin kahte ki hum tujhse bade hain
Lekin ye bahut hai ki tere saath khade hain!

I am not saying that I am superior to you,
but it's enough that I'm standing beside you!

This sher is a repeat from this post but you did not notice that, did you? If I’d just shut up but you got to keep an eye on the Word Count, always the Word Count! Notice a similar instance here, if you can [hint: the left one on page 70…] before moving on!

Waseem Barelvi-III

लगा के देखले जो भी हिसाब आता हो,
मुझे घटाके वो गिन्ती में रह नहीं सकता!

Laga ke dekhle jo bhi hisaab aata ho,
Mujhe ghatake wo ginti mein rah nahin sakta.

Use all the known forms of counting,
'Subtracting' me won't make you Count!

This here is a great Arithmetic lesson! Also a great lesson in Confidence, Optimism & Persistence (COP?)! Somehow, whenever I think (a bit more than usual) about this particular sher, I am reminded of my father… I don’t know why! (or probably I don’t want to share it with you!) Before we get too personal, let us move on…

Waseem Barelvi-IV

सलिका ही नहीं शायद उसे महसूस करने का,
जो कहता है खुदा है तो नज़र आना जरूरी है!

Salika hi nahin shayad use mahsoos karne ka
Jo kahta hai khuda hai to nazar aana jaroori hai!

Maybe feeling His presence is not a qualification I possess,
But whoever claims to be a God must be atleast perceptible!

Inverted (/Reversed/Opposing) sentiments compared to the last sher of the first video in some respect but elegantly (& correctly) put nevertheless! If you have been counting, I have put up (translated) 9 shers (2-liners) here. As was mentioned earlier, this was just for my own amusement and if you were also amused by all this, that was just collateral damage, do not hold me responsible for it. However, if you were not amused by all this, I have just this to say to you: “What the hell are you doing here till now, anyway?” Or “Did you bear with it because you overheard somewhere that it was going to get good?”

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  1. Nice expo on Barelwi Sahab!
    ...but can't one of the interpretations of the last sher's second line be something like
    "....He who needs visual proof for the existence of the supreme"

  2. Thanks for your comment(s)!!!
    Yes, Indeed... I think that's the 'correct' interpretation and you'd probably nod in agreement to the re-translated sher:
    "Maybe I do not possess a qualification to feel His presence,
    But a visual proof is requisite for the belief in His existence!"
    WOW, Now it rhymes too!!! Thank you very much... :)

  3. Isn't the sher in kind of like the third person...something like
    " Lacking is he in the powers to feel
    One who needs to see to believe for real"

  4. Yes!!! Very true... I (too) was bothered by my use of 'I' in the translation but couldnot help it! because I thought 'उसे' meant 'His' not the 'he' as you point out!
    Now it's short & sounds nice too... thank you for re-posting! :)