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…is the number of posts on this blog this year. But I hope to rectify that in the half or so remaining year. That is, in the rest of the year, this blog will see the required number of minimum posts published in more or less regular intervals. Let’s hope for that statement to turn out to be true. Otherwise, this year’s December will turn out to be quite hectic for me. Anyway, who all were disappointed with the “storyline” of the movie: Dr. Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness? With all those colourful visuals and masterful stunts and fun action scenes, who forgot to focus on the actual thread connecting those? That loss of focus led to an ending that seemed like a copout on the writers’ part. Which further led to seemingly insufficient enjoyment on my part. On the other hand, a recent Ghazal that I heard makes ‘insufficient’ the heart of its content, which somehow led to sufficient enjoyment and smiles all around my household. So we will read that Ghazal in the rest of this post. As usual, read the relevant tab above, before reading my translations below.

गुलशन में उसके हसने से गिणती कम पड़ जाती है
इतनी कलियाँ खिल जाती हैं, टहनी कम पड़ जाती है

Gulshan mein uske hasne se ginti kam pad jaati hai
Itni kaliyaan khil jaati hain, tahni kam pad jaati hai

As she laughs in the garden, the count seems insufficient
So many flower-buds bloom, the branch seems insufficient

कुजागर और किस्मत दोनों बनने ही कब देते हैं
जब मेरी बारी आती है, मिट्टी कम पड़ जाती है

Kujaagar aur kismat donon banane hi kab dete hain
Jab meri baari aati hai, mitti kam pad jaati hai

Both the potter and fate obstruct the creations
When my turn comes, the clay seems insufficient

कितने कड़वे लोग हैं, इनका लहज़ा कितना कड़वा है
चाहे जितनी चीनी फाँकें, चीनी कम पड़ जाती है

Kitne kadwe log hain, inka lahza kitna kadwa hai
Chaahe jitni cheeni faanken, cheeni kam pad jaati hai

Such bitter people, their temperament being so bitter
For all that sugar they gulp, the sugar seems insufficient

रूखी सूखी खाकर बच्चे खुश होकर सो जाते हैं
जिस दिन चटनी मिल जाती है, रोटी कम पड़ जाती है

Rookhi sookhi khaakar bachche khush hokar so jaate hain
Jis din chatni mil jaati hai, roti kam pad jaati hai

Stale and dry food is enough for kids to go to bed happily
Whenever they get chutney, the roti seems insufficient

मरना भी आसान नहीं है हम जैसे मज़दूरों का
फंदा छोटा पड़ जाता है, रस्सी कम पड़ जाती है

Marna bhi aasaan nahin ham jaise mazdooron ka
Fanda chhota pad jaata hai, rassi kam pad jaati hai

Death does not come so easily to labourers like us
The noose seems small, the rope seems insufficient

माँ के पाँव दबाकर जब मज़दूरी करने जाता हूँ
इतने पैसे मिल जाते हैं, मुट्ठी कम पड़ जाती है

Maa ke paanv dabaakar jab mazdoori karne jaata hun
Itne paise mil jaate hain, mutthi kam pad jaati hai

After caressing mother’s feet, when I go for work
I get so much money, the fist seems insufficient

छोटे मोटे पीर फ़कीरों के घुटनों तक आने में
अच्छे खासे लोगों को भी सीढ़ी कम पड़ जाती है

Chote mote peer fakeeron ke ghutnon tak aane mein
Achchhe khaase logon ko bhi seedhi kam pad jaati hai

Reaching the knee-level of ordinary hermits and paupers
Even for many good people, the ladder seems insufficient

डॉ नवाज़ देवबंदी (Dr. Nawaaz Deobandi)

What a Ghazal! Waah!! Waaah!!! It is such a pity that even the existence of seven Shers in this Ghazal seems insufficient.

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