Sunday, January 11, 2015

How long will be 2015?

We are not there where we were last year, we are not what we were last year. And I mean it literally. He was in Stony Brook and I was in Bangalore at the onset of last year and he is in Taipei and I am in Guangzhou at the beginning of this year. I am taking care of new regions at the workplace and he is no longer worried about his Dissertation, so these are some major as well as minor changes in our lives. Nothing else has changed much. We do the same things like wasting time on our phones and talking to each other on Skype as if trying to solve some major problems impacting the world.

I am personally happy to enter a new year just pretending that it erases all the sad memories of things, people, world in the last year. I am not doing Yoga every morning or running on the footpaths or parks of Guangzhou but still pretending that it is a healthier life trying to erase some of the unpleasant memories from the past. The bombings and killings have not stopped by entering into 2015, yet I want to pretend that somehow since the 1st of January the Earth has become a nicer place to live.

Here is his contribution to this post. Since he has become very lazy after his Graduation and has stopped writing posts, I am here doing the job of two people. He has to make sure to update his Polorama Generator. Who knows why he tries to incorporate Keystone Correction in the otherwise perfect tool. He could have had 2 programs – Keystone corrector and Polorama Generator. He also sleeps late and gets up even late than his usual timings of late. I think his clock has changed to Greenwich Mean Time. This sounds more like my complaints rather than his rants but nevertheless, I think you enjoyed. Smile And I too.

There are no resolutions this time because the past suggests that either the items didn’t kick off and even if they did, they never lasted long. Bragging a bit on how we celebrated the New year, we watched The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, The Big Fat Anniversary Quiz, Charlie Brooker’s Yearly Wipe, a Christmas special episode of QI and this lovely episode of Only Connect.

We also have something to cheer up your mood, enjoy this song while reading its lyrics below:

जिसे ज़िंदगी ढूंढ रही है, क्या ये वो मकाम मेरा है
यहाँ चैन से बस रुक जाऊँ, क्यूँ दिल ये मुझे कहता है
जज़्बात नए से मिले हैं, जाने क्या असर ये हुआ है
इक आस मिली फिर मुझको, जो कुबूल किसी ने किया है
किसी शायर की ग़ज़ल जो दे रूह को सुकूँ के पल
कोई मुझको यूं मिला है जैसे बंजारे को घर
नए मौसम की सहर या शर्द में दोपहर
कोई मुझको यूं मिला है जैसे बंजारे को घर

जैसे कोई किनारा देता हो सहारा, मुझे वो मिला किसी मोड पर
कोई रात का तारा करता हो उजाला, वैसे ही रोशन करे वो शहर
दर्द मेरे वो भुला ही गया कुछ ऐसा असर हुआ
जीना मुझे फिर से वो सिखा रहा
जैसे बारिश कर दे तर या मरहम दर्द पर
कोई मुझको यूं मिला है जैसे बंजारे को घर
नए मौसम की सहर या शर्द में दोपहर
कोई मुझको यूं मिला है जैसे बंजारे को घर

मुसकाता ये चेहरा देता है जो पहरा, जाने छुपाता क्या दिल का समंदर
औरों को तो हरदम साया देता है, वो धूप में है खड़ा खूद मगर
चोट लगी है उसे फिर क्यूँ महसूस मुझे हो रहा
दिल तो बता दे क्या है इरादा तेरा
मैं परिंदा बेसबर था उड़ा जो दरबदर
कोई मुझको यूं मिला है जैसे बंजारे को घर
नए मौसम की सहर या शर्द में दोपहर
कोई मुझको यूं मिला है जैसे बंजारे को घर

Here’s wishing all of us that we will have a SAFE year or wishing that Humanity ENDS IT ONCE AND FOR ALL.