Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Shers She Shared

People search weird things and land up here. Here’s another example:

Someone wants to hear Surendra Sharma’s interview. Well, Don’t search in Google; search in YouTube already! And then someone wants to introduce oneself with the help of shers… WOW! What an ambition. I just want to be able to utter one simple sentence without any stammering and stuttering and hesitation in contrast to what I seem to do most of the time: “Oh… Hi! ya… umm… I’m Dharmesh.”!

Anyway, here are some shers courtesy of my superpartner’s pen but without any translations (to fill-up this month’s posts quota):

When Her relatives bug Her with questions about me:

ये जो इलज़ाम हम पर हर दिन लगते हैं काश उन्हें भी तो पता चले
दिल का धडकना, मुस्कुराके सहम जाना काबिले-तारीफ नहीं तो और क्या है

When She was surrounded by the mesmerizing weather at Kolkata:

बारिश का समा है, बहारें नौजवाँ हैं
ऐसे में तुम कहाँ हो और हम कहाँ हैं

When I suggested I have never uttered harsh words to Her:

प्यार मोहब्बत कि बातें वो किसी और से सीखने जा रहे थे
पास बैठे थे हम और वो अपनी किस्मत पे रोये जा रहे थे

इज़हार जब किया हमने, तब उन्हें ये समझ में आया
कितने नादान थे वो, जो अकेले जिंदगी जिए जा रहे थे

When I doubted that the above shers were Her original creations:

दिल दुखाया है मैंने तुम्हारा ऐसे ही कई बार
दी है इजाज़त इसकी तुमने ये है अच्छी बात

फायदा उठाने का मुझे कोई शौक़ नहीं है
ये गलतफ़हमी नहीं रखना कभी अपने पास

When She thought of being philosophical without me provoking Her, which has also led the length of the two lines to not quite match [;)]:

ज़िंदगी में कई ठोकरें खाई हैं हमने
वो आए हैं तो उनसे जूंझकर निकलने की हिम्मत आई है

When She was in the mood of bugging me:

बड़े बेमिसाल लग रहे हैं आज
क्या कुछ चटपटा छुपा रहे हैं आप?

कभी लगता है हमारा इम्तिहान लिया जा रहा है
प्यार में अब क्यूँ ये भी नहीं सहा जा रहा है

I poked my nose in between just like that:

मेरे तो जी भर कर बहुत इम्तिहान लिए
जब देने का वक़्त आया तो शायरी कर लिए?

She continued:

काश आप ऐसे ही लिखते रहें
हमारे दिल को खुश करते रहें

हम जी यूँ ही बहलाते रहें
आपकी यादों में आते रहें

When I said I’m going to sleep instead of talking to Her:

वैसे तो आपसे तू-तू मैं-मैं करना बड़ा अच्छा लगता है
लेकिन आज जो आप नहीं हैं सोचे चैन की नींद लेते हैं

When I shared some shers with Her from Anubhuti:

दिन की थकान झट में दूर हो गयी
आपने सुनाई जो शायरी, शाम रंगीन हो गयी।

–Snehil Sethia (स्नेहिल सेठिया)

Well, that’s too much of the so-called & well-hated ‘romantic’ poetry. Such close proximity to it makes my head twitch, my eyes droop, my ears dry up, and my hands ache so I need to rest now. You may continue with

something Else

Monday, October 29, 2012

Kitchens from India

Remember that post I wrote ages ago? No, you say! I mean this one, where I reviewed Amy’s Mattar Paneer.

Well, I thought I’d do a similar thing for this week’s post! I had bought Bombay Kitchen’s Mattar Paneer a few weeks back. This (cheaper than Amy’s) product had the following packaging with a dumb serving suggestion:


Who the hell eats mattar paneer with rice and that also with the former just poured over the latter? Anyway, the actual setting of the material inside was more ridiculous:


Put some more rice in there, dammit! I had to slurp the gravy at the end of this meal with no rice left to soak in it! I didn’t count the pieces of paneer cubes this time but at least half a dozen should have been there. The dish overall was good, especially its smell but the taste was quite bland. Well, bland is a strong word so let me rephrase it to say that though it felt nice to eat, something felt amiss.

That’s all I want to rant right now… I mean what’s the point of life if your superpartner doesn’t eat paneer, anyway? So fast forwarding to ratings:

  • Aroma – 1
  • Flavour – ½
  • Texture – 1
  • Bliss – ½

I’d give it a rating of 4/5. Check out

another Kitchen

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


… NOT you! The OTHERS.

That may give you a vision of some robbery/heist-comedy movie like this but here I’m talking about MS Research’s new endeavour with photos: Cliplets.

Cliplets' GUI

Look at this video to see what it does.

Cliplets Tutorial

Watching these tutorials is sort of crucial because the GUI itself is not so user-friendly i.e. self-explanatory (unless I guess you’re into non-trivial video editing) but once you watch these videos you will feel at the top of the world!

So who, in their sane minds, wouldn’t want to give this ‘app’ a try themselves? That’s what I thought, so I downloaded it and started to make a cliplet. But I was stuck at that point because I don’t have any good videos from which something even remotely interesting could be made.

After searching through 3-4 highly shaky videos, I settled on this one (the video below is no longer shaky because YouTube asked me if I wanted to stabilize the video and I agreed):

Pigeons at KTM

After 5 minutes of trying to choose a suitable portion in the video to animate (you can import only 10 seconds of a video into this app) and another 10 minutes to get the mask right, I finally had the following cliplet in my hands (metaphorically) to call my own! [Points or well-wishes or phone call(s) from me if you can figure out the animated interval of the cliplet correctly in the video above…]


Saturday, October 6, 2012


That’s what Sketchbook’s just-released 2 chapters are… Jam-packed with jocular situations! Though Sora doesn’t appear till the very end of the second chapter, other club members along with Minamo take a great jab at the job of delivering endless jokes!

Here are 3 sample strips from those 2 chapters (it was very hard picking these out of the equally hilarious other strips):


I wish I could take compliments as well as Juju Sasaki! Sad smile


Hahaha… “that person!” This strip made my day! Winking smile


Considering I now own a tripod too, this strip has hit more than one spot! Smile

When my superpartner first read this strip, She thought Nagisa was trying to click some shots in the air. When I heard of that, I could hardly contain my contempt-filled-laughter and told Her so: “Sketchbook is not your cup of tea”!

She didn’t like that… She Really didn’t like that! So I thought I would give Her some space in this post to make up for my bragging (which I even do on my G+ profile). She says, “I particularly like this strip:


because it reminded me of the Engineering days, when students who were not part of any Club or Department were called something similar to the ‘Going Home Club’. The beauty of this strip is the expression in the last panel.”

Anyway, care for some more