Saturday, October 6, 2012


That’s what Sketchbook’s just-released 2 chapters are… Jam-packed with jocular situations! Though Sora doesn’t appear till the very end of the second chapter, other club members along with Minamo take a great jab at the job of delivering endless jokes!

Here are 3 sample strips from those 2 chapters (it was very hard picking these out of the equally hilarious other strips):


I wish I could take compliments as well as Juju Sasaki! Sad smile


Hahaha… “that person!” This strip made my day! Winking smile


Considering I now own a tripod too, this strip has hit more than one spot! Smile

When my superpartner first read this strip, She thought Nagisa was trying to click some shots in the air. When I heard of that, I could hardly contain my contempt-filled-laughter and told Her so: “Sketchbook is not your cup of tea”!

She didn’t like that… She Really didn’t like that! So I thought I would give Her some space in this post to make up for my bragging (which I even do on my G+ profile). She says, “I particularly like this strip:


because it reminded me of the Engineering days, when students who were not part of any Club or Department were called something similar to the ‘Going Home Club’. The beauty of this strip is the expression in the last panel.”

Anyway, care for some more



  1. On the first strip, I am not sure if Minamo is the queen of backhanded compliments or just likes to call things as she sees them. What explanation do you think makes the most sense?

    I am a pretty big fan of the second strip, but I figure you could have guessed that. I suppose it is a positive thing that Hazuki at least remembers Oba's name, even if she might misapply it a bit. I am curious as to what you think of Takane and Kei at this point though, especially since they seem to be appearing more often.

    This might be totally off, but I think the comic where Kate is able to identify elements based on atomic symbols seems to just add more support to the "Kate is really competent and just likes acting silly a lot" theory. Is that even a legitimate theory? I wonder about that. She might just be one of those absentminded geniuses or something. Wait, that is probably even less likely then the first theory.

  2. Given that her brother insists that he is not angry while shouting, she must surely be the "queen of backhanded compliments"... No doubt about that and that was pointed out in the anime too!

    Takane & Kei are interesting characters as they reveal the idiosyncrasies of the Art Club from an outsider's perspective and at the same time are readily available in contrast to Shibata and Ueno and other pass-outs.
    Do you think they'll ever succumb to Kasugano-sensei's efforts and enroll in the club?

    I guess she is a good student but may have a certain view of Japanese people around her and so tries to adjust to it or something like that and ends up looking like she has some silly habits and/or outlooks. But then nobody around her seems to mind her so it's fun to watch her antics!

  3. Your take on Minamo's backhanded compliments sounds legit to me, but at least it seems like she does not have a ton of malice when she says that kind of stuff.

    As for whether Takane and Kei will ever join the club, my uneducated guess is that they will not because then they would lose some of that outsider's perspective you mentioned. I am not sure if being in the club really would make too much of difference anyway though.

    Yup, it is probably better to stop questioning Kate's motives and just appreciate her silliness and optimistic outlook and such. That being said, are there any characters that you think would deserve some more attention? I guess the President would be one option for that, especially with the way he attracts cats, but who I am more interested in what you think about that.

  4. I think that too... No malice but definitely a bit tactless & clueless!

    Ya, there wouldn't be that much of a difference... that's true. And there's already Nagisa & Juju duo in the Art club if we are looking for brains & music.

    President should definitely have more space. Negishi & Asaka too... They haven't had any significant presence in this volume yet!