Tuesday, October 16, 2012


… NOT you! The OTHERS.

That may give you a vision of some robbery/heist-comedy movie like this but here I’m talking about MS Research’s new endeavour with photos: Cliplets.

Cliplets' GUI

Look at this video to see what it does.

Cliplets Tutorial

Watching these tutorials is sort of crucial because the GUI itself is not so user-friendly i.e. self-explanatory (unless I guess you’re into non-trivial video editing) but once you watch these videos you will feel at the top of the world!

So who, in their sane minds, wouldn’t want to give this ‘app’ a try themselves? That’s what I thought, so I downloaded it and started to make a cliplet. But I was stuck at that point because I don’t have any good videos from which something even remotely interesting could be made.

After searching through 3-4 highly shaky videos, I settled on this one (the video below is no longer shaky because YouTube asked me if I wanted to stabilize the video and I agreed):

Pigeons at KTM

After 5 minutes of trying to choose a suitable portion in the video to animate (you can import only 10 seconds of a video into this app) and another 10 minutes to get the mask right, I finally had the following cliplet in my hands (metaphorically) to call my own! [Points or well-wishes or phone call(s) from me if you can figure out the animated interval of the cliplet correctly in the video above…]


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