Monday, October 29, 2012

Kitchens from India

Remember that post I wrote ages ago? No, you say! I mean this one, where I reviewed Amy’s Mattar Paneer.

Well, I thought I’d do a similar thing for this week’s post! I had bought Bombay Kitchen’s Mattar Paneer a few weeks back. This (cheaper than Amy’s) product had the following packaging with a dumb serving suggestion:


Who the hell eats mattar paneer with rice and that also with the former just poured over the latter? Anyway, the actual setting of the material inside was more ridiculous:


Put some more rice in there, dammit! I had to slurp the gravy at the end of this meal with no rice left to soak in it! I didn’t count the pieces of paneer cubes this time but at least half a dozen should have been there. The dish overall was good, especially its smell but the taste was quite bland. Well, bland is a strong word so let me rephrase it to say that though it felt nice to eat, something felt amiss.

That’s all I want to rant right now… I mean what’s the point of life if your superpartner doesn’t eat paneer, anyway? So fast forwarding to ratings:

  • Aroma – 1
  • Flavour – ½
  • Texture – 1
  • Bliss – ½

I’d give it a rating of 4/5. Check out

another Kitchen

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