Saturday, October 15, 2016

Volume 12

Contentment is knowing that you are right. Happiness is knowing that someone else is wrong. –Bill Bailey

I and my Superpartner have come to an agreement that I’ll be content and she’ll be happy or vice-versa, depending on who steps on whose foot the first thing in the morning.

Anyway, right now I am both happy and content because Sketchbook volume 12 has recently been released. Not only released but has found its way to me just after 4 days of it being released! EMS takes its job pretty seriously. Smile So without further delay, here are some adorable photos of THE BOOK:

Just opened the cardboard box...

Just removed the green paper...

Just removed the bubble wrap...

Just removed the lower cover strip...

Here you have Ao – the ‘troubled’ brother of Sora – in full glory adorning the cover of this highly-anticipated volume (by me at least!). I guess Ooba-san missed her chance this time again.Smile with tongue out

As is customary here on this blog, I will share photos of a few pages that I find interesting and hilarious some days later. As a sneak peek, let me share the themes of the chapters for now (Disclaimer: These show my gut feelings not actual understanding because I don’t know how to read/write/speak Japanese!):

Chapter Theme
159 Slugs. (Also, Kokage explains Abstract Art to Ao?)
160 Kei & Takane discuss ‘Frog & Prince’ story…
161 Hazuki visits Sora and they try baking cake… with Ao’s help!
162 Different hairstyles & Kate’s confusion with words (as usual).
163 Kei & Takane meet SuzuKaze combo (for the first time?).
164 Sora, Daichi, Kokage, Nagisa & of course, Bugs!
165 Asaka, Nagisa & of course, Grasshoppers vs. Locusts.
166 Kei & Takane meet Asaka & Daichi fighting with their Monsters!
167 Kate teaching English to others…
168 Asaka, Daichi, Nagisa & of course, Ichthyology!
169 Intro of a ‘new’ character w/ SuzuKaze combo…
170 Sora, Juju, SuzuKaze, Nagisa & of course, Ornithology!
171 Sora, Kei, Takane, Kokage, Nagisa & of course, Entomology!
172 High jinks of SuzuKaze combo & Kate (the usual)…
173 Entomology and Botany too with Nagisa…
174 Sora, Kei & Takane want to attract birds (bit more Ornithology).

Last nut lot beastly, if you’re wondering about the source of the quote above, here you go: