Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Splitting and Joining

There is a popular phrase describing hairs: split ends. But I guess they are referring only to the free-flowing ends of the hairs, which is what most people are worried about! Well, I say they should worry about both ends of their hairs:

Hair split at both ends!

That takes care of the first half of the title. Now, on to the second half where I will rant about


, its origin and so on. As you might have noticed, ‘Polorama’ is a portmanteau constructed from ‘Polar’ & ‘Panorama’. So, the origin of this program is simple enough to imagine: I saw one of these and wanted to make one myself! That was about two years ago. An attempt at that time got me to something GUIless like

v0.0 Release 0 (2009) which produced images with interesting fractal patterns:

M83 Fractal Polorama

Obviously, I was doing something wrong [(x,y)⇒(r,θ)] and thought I’d need to come up with an algorithm to average surrounding colors and put those on the ‘remaining’ white pixels to get a ‘proper’ image. Let me just say that this strategy is for morons. I realized this fact (thanks to an ‘out-of-context’ statement from PJ) which has led us now to

v1.0 Release 1 (2011) where I use a much simpler algorithm of just mapping (r,θ)⇒(x,y)! This gives us a proper polorama of galaxy M83:

M83 Polorama

Also, here are some of the poloramas I made. Oh! I should also show you how the GUI of this version looks here, right? Wrong. For that, visit


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