Saturday, February 26, 2011


Sora (of Sketchbook) has a Secret Skill:

Sora's Secret Skill

Recently, I stumbled on to an anime trailer on YouTube that I’d watched ages ago:

Scrapped Princess Trailer

I’d call it a beautiful anime based on the vague memories of it that remain in my brain and am deeply amused at the words of ‘Scrapped Princess’ at the end of the trailer:

Apparently, the world would be a lot better off without me. … Never mind that! Let’s have tea…

Now that is some great combination of Inferiority & Superiority complexes. Anyway, want to know more names of amusing, brilliant, charming, delightful, engaging, fantastic, great, humorous, incredible, joyous, kinky, lovely, macabre, nice, outstanding, pointless, quirky, remarkable, serene, tasteful, unique, valuable, whimsical, xenophobic, youthful and zestful Manga / Anime? Head over to

My Hobbies

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