Monday, December 31, 2018

Bibliography Style

This is a self-promotion, very much like this post about AcBook was. I have ‘created’ a new bibliography style for papers typeset in $\LaTeX$ called “hephys”, which can be used by theoretical High Energy Physicists who use BibTeX (data mostly obtained from inSpireHEP) to include the references in their papers. For more details, head over to my ‘Physics Blog’. For less details, check the tab above titled ‘LaTeX’. For those who just want to get hold of the style file, here’s ‘hephys’.

As a side note, if you want to input Greek characters and other mathematical symbols (like →⊕⊗∈∑∏←) in the $\LaTeX$ files directly, you can download the Unicode Keyboard Layout I created for Windows. [For macOS, head over to Warren Siegel’s ‘Unicode’ webpage.] This .zip folder also includes a .pdf ‘manual’ that you should go through at least once. As a disclaimer, this is still $\LaTeX$ code. If you want cutting / bleeding edge code, get hold of Lua$\LaTeX$ code available from Warren Siegel’s ‘TeX’ webpage.

That’s it for this year from us, till next year

Keep Storytelling!

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