Saturday, December 29, 2018

Let the Fillers Begin!

That’s how it’s going to be again this year.

Three posts during the last three days of the year.

And, as is usual, the content of the filler posts is not much to write about.

We will just agree that something important was said and something important was understood.

There is a lot of backlog in my life right now: Writing emails, Watching Christmas/New Year TV show specials, Doing research, Enjoying life with family, Writing paper(s), Teaching my daughter group theory, etc.

Me and My Family

Obviously, some are easier than others but I have yet to optimize their order of execution. In the mean time, writing 3 blog posts is another backlog that we have to deal with urgently. So here we have accomplished 1/3 of that job. As we wait for the remaining 2/3,

Wonder Why?

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