Saturday, January 16, 2016

Up & Coming 2016!

Do we have what it takes to start another year of blogging? We have… that’s the assumption for now, anyway. But seeing that we have not got any concrete thing to write in this pre-prologue post, I wouldn’t keep my hopes up. (As to you, our dear reader, do fill up that poll on the right side if you have hopes. If you’re reading this on a mobile… slow down your hectic lifestyle and look this up on a proper browser, for your family’s sake!)

First we may talk about our visit to Hot Springs at XinBeitou during the first few days of Jan. Here’s a teaser:

WYSIWYG    Train to XinBeitou

But on second thought, let’s not. Here are more pictures including some of our earlier visits to other Museums, Parks & Temples in Taipei.

On third thought, let’s wrap this post up. I will leave a cliffhanger though, so that you come back, by announcing that there will be a huge commotion here in Mar-Apr following release of MATLAB 2016a.

Reorder - Old & New

See you!