Saturday, February 13, 2016

Angkor Photography

As you know, we were at Cambodia a couple of weeks ago. We visited the  historical temples there (including the iconic Angkor Wat temple) for 3 continuous days. And then we had to rest the fourth day… I say rest, we kept it to explore the city of Siem Reap instead. Anyway, She will go into more details of where we went and how we felt. I’ll discuss just one aspect of the trip here in this post: Photography.

The album associated to this trip is on the right sidebar so you can go through it any time you want but here I’ll showcase some photos that are not included there. We start with a dragonfly against the background of rusty red rocks at the entrance of Preah Khan temple:


Then we got up early next day to catch a glimpse of Sunrise at Angkor Wat temple. Way before sunrise when everything was surrounded by pitch black darkness, a 1 minute exposure of the temple and its reflection in a pond gave us this blurry photo. This shot definitely proves that we need to carry around a tripod for such land-posures.

Hazy yet beautiful (1 min exposure way before sunlight made any appearance!)

Oh ya, and if you don’t believe it was pitch black darkness then, here’s a panorama stitched out of photos shot with ‘short’ exposures half an hour later!

A panaroma at dawn

And a rusty moon too:

Rusty Moon

I forgot how to shoot forced perspective photos. Here’s a pathetic result but at least the funny colour profile is worth a second look:

The horse made a fool out of me

Hear are some “Spot the Differences” style photographs:

Not just a stem, there is a spider here     A careful look at the spider

Can you spot the spider from the right photo in the left one (original full-res photo available on clicking it)? I tell you this is not so easy! Winking smile

The pillars are in focus     The people are in focus

Once more, I forgot how to make everything in the frame ‘in focus’ so here are two shots making near & far ‘in focus’, respectively.

Stupas in focus     Flowers in focus

Same problem and resolution as above.

Supporting crumbling boundary walls     Returning from Pre Rup

I also forgot that I could change ‘exposure’ curves in-camera, i.e., make brighter areas dark and darker areas bright! Pathetic… Just pathetic, Really pathetic, man! Sad smile

On a floating house in Cambodian Cultural Village

Again, the bright sunlight made this whole shot so hazy. Should have changed to the built-in scene mode for portraits in bright sunlight or something! But then I couldn’t view the screen well, anyway.

Selfie near The Glasshouse @ Park Hyatt

Finally, on our last night of stay in Siem Reap, we took a (blurry & dark, for the lack of a better word like hideous) selfie in front of a 7-star hotel. The hotel where we, just the previous day, had mistakenly crashed in for dinner and almost ended up broke. Even the Tuk-tuk driver hesitated to drop us there and really tried to make sure we knew what we were getting into but sadly we didn’t get the hints. More about this in Her post.

The Glasshouse @ Park Hyatt


  1. Lol! Life isn't too easy.. No probs! Better luck next time ;)

  2. It's always a pleasure to read comments from 'new' readers. Though, it would be much better to know more about our readers than just the fact that they were born this month (at least on Blogger). ;)

  3. Do they still worship at these temples?

  4. The Angkor Wat temple has morning prayers with many Buddhist monks participating (we witnessed this once). In other "well-maintained" temples, there must also be some small rituals taking place routinely as we saw shrines/areas where incense sticks & offerings are kept.