SuDoKu Solver

v6.7.1 Release 15B got a splash screen:

v6.8 Release 16 got a new splash screen:
It also streamlined the Java wrapper for the MATLAB executable so that the startup time shown in this version is the most accurate compared to the previous versions. A new beginning was made in this release by providing separate 32-bit & 64-bit programs, which are updated accordingly. In the program itself, nothing major was changed apart from the uninstall option being reduced to a message box.

v6.9 Release 17 was compiled and packaged entirely from within MATLAB R2014a so that there would be only one executable file to run. This choice was made because the new compiler adds splash screen to the program itself and not just the installer.
This also sadly meant that the Java wrapper was not used anymore to display the startup time in the 'Comments' box. Other (minor) tweaks might have been made.

v6.9.3 Release 18 introduced updated and resizable GUI! It was compiled using MATLAB R2015a which sadly meant one had to deal with a new (and larger than before) MCR. Apart from the comments being made slightly more colourful, no other functionality tweaks were made.

v7.0 Release 19 introduced an updated Brute Force algorithm (which is smarter than before and lightning fast without the GUI)! It was again compiled using MATLAB R2015a but the program's .exe filename no longer had the '_x64' appended to it. A few minor issues related with startup and folder selection had been resolved. The redundant 'Uninstall...' option under 'Help' menu was removed.

v7.1(.5) Release 20(S) introduced reworked GUI, reworded Menu items, and rewritten Manual. The GUI had a movable divider so that the SuDoKu Grid could be squashed to a minimum width if Brute Force algorithm ever got to work*. The startup had been greatly simplified so the program no longer looked for an 'invalid licence' (a dumb idea of mine from when I was barely a kid) and asked for a startup folder (so that the program didn't fail to start if the "Start in" folder was not specified for the pinned shortcut)! Apart from other minor GUI & Code changes, a major change was that (all) the errors were 'caught' (instead of the program just sounding off an annoying 'ding') and all the gory details were displayed so that debugging could be facilitated. [This made it possible to fix some issues with paths while loading/saving files in R20S!] This version was compiled with MATLAB R2016a/19a and no reference to 'x64' was made anywhere.

v7.2(.1) Release 21(S) introduced a recording indicator [] in the SuDoKu grid when "Speech Input" in on, to indicate a number is expected to be heard. Apart from this, there were only minor code changes (including changes to logic text) to squash some minor bugs. This version was compiled with MATLAB R2020a.

v11.0 Release 22 was a major version upgrade discussed in detail in this post. This version was compiled with MATLAB R2020b.

v11.2 Release 23 is a minor upgrade with updated "Deduction from Pincers" Logic. It also introduces the ability to remember 9 past SuDoKus solved by the program. Other minor code changes and bug fixes also feature, mostly during the startup of the program. Also, the manual is now a webpage instead of a bundled .pdf file. This version is compiled with MATLAB R2021a so new MCR needs to be downloaded again!

*Warning: The solving time has become dependent on the window size now! So DO NOT use Brute Force while the program window is full-screen. In fact, I recommend minimizing the window when Brute Force algorithm starts!

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