Monday, February 14, 2011

Since You’ve been Gone, I’ve been Alone

Since you’ve been gone, I’ve been alone
Like an arm without a bone
Dangling limply like a phone that’s out of charge
Like Homer without Marge
Like an egg without a spoon
Like a dugong on the Moon
Like a clownfish without Nemo
Like Twilight without Emo
Like Hardy without Laurel
Like high ground without the moral
Like Disney without Walt
Like battery without assault
Like a pet shop without gerbils
Like Hitler without Göbbels
Running naked through a wedding
Driving fast, way out past Reading
Children slaughter kittens, playing with a nail gun…
Children’s laughter, kittens playing, Withnail and I, gone are these pleasures
Like a dilemma without the di
Just a lemma and a sigh
Like déjà without vu
I am nothing without you
Till the day that you come back
I’m like Whitney without crack.
-Bill Bailey (Dandelion Mind)

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