Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Happy Witten’s Day!

My calendar says it is Witten’s birthday today. Hence this post’s title.

Many people have heard of Schrödinger’s cat but how many people have heard of Witten’s dog?

Thought Experiment

Most people follow Newton’s laws of motion but how many can truly say they understand the Newton-Witten equation?

Most people have no idea where this is going but then neither do I. Though, I do hope he does not remember the day almost a decade ago when I was able to “offend” him in a short walk to Stony Brook train station by suggesting he should have done something else or gone to some other place or some such thing. I also do not want to remember such “offensive” things for obvious reasons. However, I do remember that I was going for a haircut on that day and today I realize I need, very urgently, another haircut. But then it is raining heavily today and tomorrow is another day of lockdown here. So better to postpone this trip to the barber shop till next month.

With this existential crisis out of the way, let me read one of his papers today on the occasion of Witten’s Day. (I guess that is how one celebrates (t)his day!) Hmm… interesting! Let’s make it two as I choose the following papers (taking up less than 20 pages):

2004.14192 & 2005.12336

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