Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yahooooooooo, woḩ maara̅ paapadwaalé ko̊!!!

India has… whatever…

What I’m more excited about is the beginning of scanlation of Sketchbook Volume 7!

This volume introduces at least two new human characters (not in the first chapter, though)! “How do I know that?”, I hear you ask… Well, I’ve seen raws (originals) of first few chapters of this volume! Anyway, this volume started out with a bang, without any words:

 First Strip of Sketchbook Volume 7

If you get this strip in less than 3 ‘going throughs’,  you’re better than me at ‘getting’ physical / visual comedy! Speaking of physical / visual comedy, how can we not bow our feet, bring together our heads and fall at his hands: the ultimate physical comedian extraordinaire of all times to have walked this planet gracing us with his ennobling existence (that’s all the clichés I can think of right now), the indestructible

Mr. Bean

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