Monday, April 11, 2011


…Who the hell truly is???

I think I’m ambidextrous… well, excluding writing (R), erasing (L), playing badminton (L), throwing / catching things (L)… OK, it seems I’m more of a left-handed person but still ambidextrous for purposes of this post.

But something happened today involving my perception of my ambidexterity, which flipped my top. After an hour or so, I was still struggling to get the correct outline of Kokage Kuga, a ‘dark’ character in Sketchbook:


Guess what was the reason for this pathetic display of my artistic ‘prowess’? Yes, you guessed it right… I was trying to draw her facing RIGHT!

After that revelation, I fished for a different picture in which she’s facing left and found one here. After one more hour, I completed my 4th portrait of a character from Sketchbook. I present Kokage Kuga:


Ok, granted it is not as great as Hazuki’s portrait, in that the chin needs a little more work but after two hours of erasing completed outlines at least 7 times, it looks pretty decent to me right now. Also, the background color scheme may feel a little weird compared to the other 3 portraits. The reason is that her signature look is her black eyes & hair (single ponytail) so if I don’t colour them, the portrait may as well be of Natsumi with an altered hairstyle:

Kokage Kuga as Asou Natsumi

Anyway, that’s enough of Sketchbook for this post. I leave you with a ‘unique’ take of Dylan Moran on ‘vegetarianism’ in this

Short Interview

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