Sunday, December 29, 2019

Sketchbook Once More…

…Probably for the last time because of this post. As promised there, here are some pages from the last volume (14) of Sketchbook and my guesses at what is going on there.

Sketchbook v14 Pg6-7

Sora has fallen sick and expects to take medicines for a month!? So counts the pills in the bottle and makes sure there are 90 of them so that she can take 3 at a time? Maybe I’m as confused as Ao here.

Sketchbook v14 Pg16-17

The Art Students have gone fishing and they catch a fish that they don’t want… neither does the cat!

Sketchbook v14 Pg20-21

Ahh… the simplicity of Sketchbook that made me fall in love with this manga! Self-explanatory panels here.

Sketchbook v14 Pg42-43

Ahh… the complexity of Sketchbook that made me fall in love with this manga! Self-Bug-explanatory panels here.

Sketchbook v14 Pg58-59

Kate is again struck with some of the “idiosyncracies” of the Japanese script… Found some connection to Tetris?

Sketchbook v14 Pg68-69

Ahh… the simplicity complexity of Origami… Asaka & Sora have made aeroplanes that don’t quite fly but others have successfully made a lobster and a frog!

Sketchbook v14 Pg82-83

Finally, the long-awaited panels with Kuga and Tsukiyo. Tsukiyo seems to be fond of cats or is it the other way around? Also, is Kuga scared of black Cats?


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