Sunday, December 22, 2019

Another Round of Fillers Begin!

Unlike last year, we have a lot of posts to publish this year to reach the magic number.

But we hope it is possible and the quest to do that has already started with the previous post. It may not have felt like a filler so this post will take care of that feeling.

A lot of things have happened this year, mostly unpleasant (both academic and social/personal), which deserve their own posts, but my Superpartner convinced me to postpone making those “public” right after they’d happened so for now I’ll leave those events be.

A few pleasant things did manage to happen this year:

1. Getting a paper published with half a dozen authors whose initials form AB²J²M (the second J being me).

2. Making a barebones AcBook app for Android (+Win10 UWP) which only my Superpartner and my nephew use. More on this in a later filler.

3. Visiting IMSc, Chennai (twice) including Sujay’s treat at the “Little Italy”; HRI, Allahabad (once); IISER TVM (once).

4. Putting up a paper on arXiv “rubbishing” another paper, whose authors did not bother to correct their misleading claims about our earlier papers (including other related papers). More on this in a later filler.

5. Giving half a dozen lectures on “Supersymmetry” at S.N. Bose Centre, the new institute I joined as a postdoc after SINP.

Us at Diwali

So that’s it for now and look forward (or don’t) to other fillers appearing almost daily till the end of this year.😀

A Tale by Bob Mortimer

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