Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Life – T&C Apply…

What happens when one doesn’t write a post for a year or so? Out of the many things one forgets is the name of the app they have been using to compose posts. It took me 30 secs to remember what is ‘Windows live writer’ called today (It’s called ‘Open live writer’) as I went on to write a bunch of posts in the end of December to fill up the year’s quota of posts on the blog. I had taken my annual break of 2 weeks, gladly in the month of December and you would ask why? ‘Because I have my leaves accumulated’ is one of the answers but the obvious reason that everyone might guess is to spend time with the family. In my case, it was more specific than that – to spend time with myself. Out of the many things people say, one of the things they say right is that you never get that straight 8 hours of sleep once you become a parent. Over the course of the year, I have bought books which I have felt so keen about to read but either have not been able to start them or have left them incomplete. I had wished to spend the break time primarily doing that and have been able to read 5 books, not as many as I thought I would but happy to have a number greater than 0. I wanted to do more – like drive a car or join a Zumba class but where is the time.

Every person in this country who has a bank account knows about SBI and this year, SBI promoted its new online website named Yono. It was advertised using emails, newspaper ads, hoardings, etc. making sure everyone who used Internet banking went on to try Yono at least once. The first time I tried testing, I found something like the following while trying to fill in occupation:

Part of Card Application Form

We haven’t got to ‘E’ in this screenshot and that was the end of Yono for me. If anyone has created a longer drop-down list than this one ever in their life, please let me know in the comment section below.

I have lost a good number of senior family members in 2019. With each death, I have realized that life is not just short, it is too short, and it doesn’t matter if I live to the age of 94 (like my Grandmama who died this year) or to a mere 46 (like my Mother who died in 2010). Whatever that number be, life is very short indeed and it would be a total waste of my time if I do redundant things that don’t matter in the end, that don’t contribute to my prime goal at the end. My mother lived for a few years but wrote 27 journals to her credit. She wrote very fast because she had the capability of writing down things as people spoke. Sometimes I wonder if she knew what was coming along. Being with my mother taught me love, her leaving has taught me life. In general, the deaths have taught me to focus on important things, be mindful of the days that are not going to come back and do things that make me truly happy without bothering or causing trouble to anyone else and if there is a paradise, I wish I can be granted a place there and I so wish to meet some of the loved ones there, whom I have lost here, one time again, this one which would be forever.

On that note, I wish you & your family/friends a Great (replace ‘Great’ with any/all adjectives you like) 2020 – the start to another decade and hopefully one with a better climate, a bit more peaceful & safe and one which can make the world a better place to live for future generations to come.

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