Thursday, June 19, 2008

Old Ends and New Begins???

InuYasha has come to a much-awaited and -anticipated end after 558 chapters! So what does that mean and who all should care??? Those who do not know what is Inuyasha (actually who!) should probably be reading some other blog or doing something else entirely like searching "inuyasha" in Wikipedia.

So now that 'right' people are reading this post lets get to the burning question: what does it feel like having witnessed an end to an 'epic' fairy tale spanning nearly 12 years? It feels good obviously because the ending was nearly what was expected - an emotional one with everyone getting to live happily ever after. But not quite literally as one would expect with usual fairy tales. In usual ones, 'lived happily ever after' means 'lived rather mundane lives which can not be compared to the adventurous lives that the characters lived in the tale till now!' (this is a stripped version of a quote by someone I can't remember [:(].) That is, everyone is expected to live happily ever after in the world of InuYasha but in no way would their lives be mundane since most of the aspects of their lives (except those related with Naraku) have not changed. Lets list one of those aspects for every character of interest.

Inuyasha still has those rosary beads around his neck [:)]. Kagome is still learning to 'control' her spiritual powers. Miroku is still a perverted monk exorcising demons. Now that he's married and had his 'wish' of someone bearing his child fulfilled, the adjective 'perverted' might be dropped I guess! (or maybe I'm being too optimistic...) Sango used to worry about her brother, now has to worry about her (3 on last count!) kids. Shippou still strives  to become a stronger kitsune youkai. Kohaku has now received a new weapon from Toutousai and plans to become a stronger taijiya (demon slayer) on his own. Rin has decided to stay with Kaede-sama for now - may be to 'get used to' humans. Kaede(-ba-san) is still taking care of everyone. Jaken is still following Sesshoumaru-sama. And finally, Sesshoumaru(-sama) is still Sesshoumaru(-sama) with a dense air of pride, elegance and no-nonsense attitude engulfing his totally awe-inspiring self [:)].

Now lets get to the moments in the final chapter which are worth thousand words! Miroku & Inuyasha exorcising an Inu-Youkai. Words in my mind: What the hell is Sesshoumaru doing here? And then slowly I calmed down 'knowing' it could not be Him. A panel of Sango with her 3 kids - too cute... can not think of any other word(s). Inuyasha 'returning back' from modern era leaving Kagome there with her family - felt a bit sad at this point. Inuyasha being all composed while telling this story to Kaede-baba and she asking him when did he become so wise? - I should have gone into fits of laughter here but somehow could not. Shippou revealing to Kaede-ba-san that Inuyasha goes into the bone-eater's well every 3 days and so getting kicked - one of the things that'll never change and which definitely sent me into convulsions! Miroku's (& Sango's) twins playing with Inuyasha's ears and Inuyasha leaving them to 'slay the kitsune' - too funny! Kagome coming back, Inuyasha extending his hand into the well and their long-awaited embrace - was bound to happen or it would not have been the final chapter, would it? Souta's conversation with his 'friends' - ... [:|] Kohaku saying Sango's house is a bit cramped - want to know what would Miroku think of that! Myouga being near Toutousai - was not expecting that. The full shot of flying Sesshoumaru with Jaken holding on his fur - too awesome. Kagome calling out to Him 'brother(-in-law)' and Sesshoumaru glaring at her - hilarious, just hilarious - Kagome should know better than to call out to Him with such salutations? More than that, Inuyasha also 'agreeing' with His glare and adding 'that had a nasty ring to it'! - this totally made my day. So why was Sesshoumaru there? He brought Rin a new Kimono - He cares for her... Good... I expected Rin to hang around Sesshoumaru like before but well I'm not the author! And finally, the last page where Inuyasha & Kagome look forward to the future.

And so the 12 year old epic tale comes to an end which leads us to the question of what new begins now? And I stop and think and realize that a NEW schedule of reading mangas has formed which now only covers Fridays (and/or Saturdays) for One Piece, Naruto & Bleach (Inuyasha normally came out on Wednesdays & Today Is Wednesday!) and 'random' days depending on when Elfen Lied, Claymore & xxxHolic come out!

Well, this is all for this post I guess. I do not have time to think for more new things that have begun as a result of the end of Inuyasha manga. But I'm pretty sure that this paragraph was beginning of the end. If you care, have a look at InuYasha's...

...Final Chapter

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