Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy New Semester!

Spring Semester of this year 2010 starts tomorrow here at Stony Brook. I am registered for Advanced QFT (once more!) and the usual seminar courses! That’s enough about Physics on this blog!

Now, spacetime for some of the tidbits I’ve been thinking about in the past few weeks for this post:

Oxymorons (in no particular order!):

Noise of the Silence!

Listen to the Silence!

Thunderous Silence!

Deafening Silence! (Quite common!)

Lightning Darkness!

Darkening Light!

Light Burden!

4Kgs of Nothing!

Bladeless Knives (with no Handles)! –A joke about Nothing

Caste No Bar! Colour No Spells! –Matrimonial Ads

Obfuscating Truth!

Truthful Lie!

Turn Left, right? –Me at cross-roads!

Rise of the Fallen! –Transformers: ROTF

Descendants have Evolved!

Gauge Fixing Breaks Gauge Invariance! –W. C. Gall

Unbearable Beauty! (like Naked Beauty & Bare Bottom!)

Pretty Ugly! –A joke

Unthinkable Thoughts!

Unmentionable Mentions!

Dry Rain! (If there can be dry ice…)

Wet Flame! (Why not?)

Blue as Black!

White as Black!

Grey as Black/White! (I’ve no idea what I’m writing?)

Rainbow, Hail-arrow! (Rainbow Warrior!)

Wise Fool!

Dumb Genius!

Bounded Gods!

Death of an Endless! –The Sandman by Neil Gaiman

Pure Evil!

Startling Serenity!

Troubling Tranquility!

Unnerving Nerves!

Fading Weather-proof Paint!

उम्र के चढ़ाव का उतार / Umra ke Chadhaav ka Utaar (Fall of Rising Age!) –Gopaldas ‘Neeraj’ in his well-known poem: ‘कारवाँ गुजर गया / Kaarwaan Gujar Gaya (Caravan has passed)’

Some oxymorons from Sketchbook:

Angry Sora? Really…

Silent Natsumi? Hey, You!!!

Spendthrift Hazuki? 70 or 10???

Composed Kate? WOW!!!

Boring Asaka? KamiyaGON!!!

Normal Kokage? Sloths aren’t Lazy???

Dumb Nagisa? Biotope Caretaker!!!

Wakeful Juju? Oh! I slept…

Serious/Grave Ryou/Fuu? Don’t tell them!!!

Sincere Suzukaze Combo? HAHAHA!!! :)

Calm Daichi? Why YOU???

Absconding Ujou? Keep quiet!!!

Omnipresent Tsukio? Who again???

Mature Kasugano-Sensei? Trick or Treat???

Childish Asakura-Sensei? Grow up!!!

Ignorant Ao? Are you okay???

Fearless Pii-chan! EeeAahh…..Kyaaaa!!!

It is sad that no one is going to appreciate the above compilation! Anyway, this is enough writing for today for almost no (⇒0) readers out there! So finally,

Caravan has passed!


  1. Common D da....I hear you ....I read you!!!
    Sorry about not following the latter part of the post but the first part definitely with you.

  2. and I have been out or sorts lately .....defense for being slightly less communicative :(

  3. DQ da... Glad to know you still read me. :) Slightly less communicative??? No more... 2 comments on a single post takes care of that!!! hehe...

  4. I am am with che .. I read and hear you

    albeit a bit late ..

  5. Indeed SD da... am glad for your presence too!!! :)