Monday, June 28, 2010

Wedding Season

Three of my friends from IITKGP are getting married. These discrete events started yesterday and will end by the ninth day of next month. I thought of sending them a card (to each one not one for all!) but then decided against it. Though I did read a few cards available in Greeting Cards’ aisle at PathMark. Here is the proof:

Card J

Front: Listening, Caring, Loving, Supporting…

Inside: …Geez, People will do anything to stay together!!!

I guess I’ll dedicate this ‘card’ to JD… Happy (belated) Wedding to you and an enjoyable life ahead. OK, now I need to bring up two more cards for consistency… Here is one:

Card C

Front: Marriage is based on Compromise and Trust…

Inside: Compromise is when you drop whatever you are working on to help your partner hang up a picture on the wall… Trust is when you say, ‘I will hold the nail, you swing the hammer.’!

I guess this gets dedicated to CD… Happy Wedding to you too! Finally, the last one:

Card I

Front: Why should a physicist have both a wife and a mistress?

Inside: So that when your wife thinks you are with the mistress and the mistress believes you are with the wife, you can be happy in the lab, doing physics.

This one was not quite a card as you might have guessed, it’s picked from here such that it can be quite appropriately dedicated to ID… Happy (advanced) Wedding to you!!!

Lastly but not the leastly, I dedicate the following essay to all three of you which starts with the line, “Human is a marital animal”.

Wedding Invitation

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