Saturday, November 12, 2011

End of a Lifetime…

…or so it seems. Yes, the last chapter of volume 7 of Sketchbook has been finally scanlated and it is a collection of usual themes with Asakura-Sensei in focus.

We start with a thumbs-up by Asakura-Sensei and a panel with Sora about Imitation. Then we move on to Frugality of Hazuki (a typo on that page: ‘on’ → ‘one’), Strength of Asaka (Hilarious reaction of Kokage’s), Magic of Asakura-Sensei (& Kasugano-Sensei just being herself over 2½ pages), ‘Analytic abilities’ of Kate (with help from Juju, Nagisa, Negishi, Kokage & Natsumi over 1½ pages), Revelation of Negishi (that Asaka dislikes peas Spoiler Alert) and Ryou & Fuu being the ever-wonderful SuzuKaze Combo!


Since volume 8 will be released in Jan’12, it will most probably reach the scanlators in Feb’12 and they will probably start in March’12 to do their ‘job’ and if I’m lucky, we may be able to see the new chapter(s) in April’12… Wow, ≥5 months wait! Not that bad, considering there are authors who go on hiatus for months / years like Hayao Miyazaki did with his manga ‘Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind’! A personal translator would also be not that bad! Anyway, here’s the full chapter:

Sketchbook V7Ch101


  1. Well, I guess you could say that it is reasonable to be patient about fan translations since you do not have to pay for them. Plus, I think there are in pretty hazy legal territory anyway. All the more reason why Sketchbook should be licensed I suppose.

    I am not sure what you thought of it (though I am certainly interested in finding out), but I found Daichi's battle with the horse pretty entertaining. Judging by that strip and the one where Daichi challenges the President to a duel, I have to think that Kokage seems to see him as pretty combative and courageous or something.

    Stuff like that kind of makes me wonder what Sketchbook (especially the TV series) would be like if Daichi, rather than Sora, was the main character.

  2. Yes, definitely, Sketchbook should be licensed. Though, I was thinking of buying the 8th volume even raw...

    Obviously, Daichi vs Uma reminded me of his earlier fight with the President. Kokage might just be pulling his leg because of his (un)angry nature! :)

    I'd be more interested in a series if Kokage and/or Asaka were the main character(s). Or SuzuKaze Combo but that's just wishful thinking!

  3. Buying the "raw" version of the 8th volume does sound like a good idea.

    I guess we did kind of see what a series would be like if Ohba was the main character in chapter 100. Even as a main character she was still overshadowed though.

    I agree with you about how interesting a Kokage or Asaka focused series would be. I guess in the first type we would be able to see a little more of Kokage's "real" personality, since I think Kobako said that part of the reason why Kokage acts the way she does is because of shyness.

    I thought the SuzuKaze combo already were the main characters. They narrate the end of each volume and talk to the audience in the TV series after all. I guess it would be pretty neat to see inside their heads and learn more about their thought process, but I am not sure if I could handle that.