Saturday, April 21, 2012

Random Ideas

Some random collection of stuff in this post:


Let’s get individual ‘lifts / elevators’ for every floor!
World should follow non-linear time evolution as in Memento!

Oxymoronic Statement

An example: Love but do not Confess! –Saba Balrampuri

If AI were expected to handle such OSs, I’d sneak in the following code:

x=S1; y=S2; %S1 & S2 form an OS.
if x==TRUE && y==TRUE

Interesting arXiv Papers

Initials-heavy title: U(1)-decoupling, KK-relation and BCJ relation by BCFW relation in S-matrix Program.

What the hell?:


C. Quesne: I wish it were C. Quense!

Some ‘Facts’

Uncopyrightable, Dermatoglyphics → Longest words with no repeated letters!

If a lion mates with a tiger, you get a… Scandal! (Alan Davies in QI)

Am I running away from… Reality? (A song?)

I had higher hopes from… Reality! (Same song?)

Bill Bailey is a materialistic hippy, comfort-based environmentalist, confectionary-based existentialist! (From one of his earlier stand-up?)

OMUs 7

You’re intelligent; You’re Determined; → You’re inefficient; You’re Determined;

I am constantly at war with my body → I am constantly at worth my body!

Miss Kate Newman → Kiss Mate Newman

Is ‘r’ a constant? → Are forms closed?

Are you enrolled? → Are you a girl?

hehe..perfect :) → hehe..pervert :)

Portals → Potholes

Random Quotes

When engineers try to do fundamental physics, the results are usually pathetic! –Konstantin K. Likharev

Goal of Physics: To predict the outcome of the experiment, which has not been done yet. –KKL

We have got a new set of variables now and you've got 25 more minutes! –Peter van Nieuwenhuizen

Now we've come to the part which nobody likes. We've to think! –PvN 

Only my students are here! What's going on? –Warren Siegel

I might as well write a Joke Paper as I’m bored! –WS

If you think my papers are hard to read, these (his hand-written notes) are going to be even worse. –WS (as told me by MEI-G)

No Rest for Massless.
Support your Local Symmetry.
–MI’s Status Messages

You only live once! –LA
Why make it long? –George Sterman

You know he’s my student? Yes... Oh, you met him in Singapore. You're smart. That's necessary for survival. –Vladimir Korepin

How can you solve unsolved problems when the theory keeps working? – Matt Strassler

Some theories are smarter than some theorists. –Nima Arkani-Hamed

The Plural of Anecdote is not Data. –Attributed to someone by William Bialek

You study things you don’t know! –Anonymous

You pursue things that you lack. –WY

I like my papers to have coffee stains on them, it gives them Class. But I'm sure YOU don't like your papers to have MY coffee stains on them. –PMC

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go. –Someone’s SM

So, I’ll go after linking to the poet of these two nice Ghazals:

नाज है तो है
गहन गंभीर

–चंद्रभान भारद्वाज

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