Saturday, May 5, 2012

Nested Conversations

Before I get to the stuff related to the title, let me just shout out, “What the hell?”! How the hell is this chapter the end of ‘Claymore’? This is much worse than what happened with ‘×××Holic’! If this chapter came out in April, it could have been labelled as April Fool’s joke but this is May for the Reader’s sake!

Anyway, forgive me for that small excursion into the field of my dislikes, let’s now enter the like-field as it is supposed to be bad to keep dwelling on the negatively charged field of thoughts. So, how many fields have we crossed and has my intention of using the word ‘field’ for at least 5 times in a paragraph fulfilled? Who is to answer such questions in a vast field of equally irrelevant questions? So, let’s get back to the like-field and explore the field of general ignorance in the form of this small field-view of QI’s last episode in Series I – The Immortal Bard:


After seeing this very likeable video, I thought people do indulge in such weird rituals like inventing names for others despite their given names being already available for use! Ok, the parents do need to indulge in such trivialities of naming their child(ren) otherwise the child will grow bitter with resentment as years pass by for being kept nameless. But why do others, those beings usually labelled as ‘friends’, indulge in such meaningless activity of creating a ‘(nick)name’. Their work has already been done: Just pick up the name already present (thanks to the parents) and Use it to your heart’s content! I know I have used the nickname for Shantanu but I didn’t create it – it was created by someone, who thought there was a need to drop the first syllable and mutilate the last syllable. Anyway, he doesn’t mind so why should I hesitate: Jai ho T da… Smile

But this view of mine changed recently (like Charlie Brooker’s view of babies did) when I got the urge to ‘create’ a name for my superpartner. You know how these things happen: One day you are bragging about never ever driving above 60 Km/Hr and the next day you find yourself on an Autobahn. I got over that a while ago just in time to see the video above and get another idea to figure out what ‘affectionate’ but at the same time ‘funny’ name would suit her! You do know that superpartners are apparently required to do this and it is supposed to be an important part of the checklist titled “Things to do to piss off others around you:”. Nobody has handed me the full checklist for now so I guess they don’t have to think about alienating me just yet.

With this long preamble, we finally get to the crux of the title. In trying to come up with names for each other, we indulged in a conversation on SkyDrive using OneNote (Web App) [Microsoft should be thanking us for advertising their Awesome products and using it extensively on almost daily basis… Oh, holy crap! I just realized that’s too much usage with some deep & dark & personal thoughts passing through their servers… Oh well, it can’t be worse than using Google…] where stuff is synced in real-time and simultaneous editing is seamless unless you’re editing the same sentence (even then, resolving conflicts is pretty easy). So the following ‘nested’ conversation started after I called her ‘sly’ for asking me to find purple chocolates and then other ideas started pouring in. This conversation spanned a few days and got too colourful for my taste, which led me to think, “that’s a blog post right there” and so here it is (obviously, the details are smeared out in view of the fact that no one is going to read the post this far and it will remain an inside joke between us):

Sly is one of the most sought after compliments in today's times, so thank you! :) - Sure, welcome; some more: cunning, foxy or vixen-y ;) - hehe ;) - Happy to know that there is something else too - oh, come on! I do come across as cheap but at least not as cheap as you're making yourself believe by thinking I'll bring just a packet of chocolates - c'mon dude! don’t know what has made you imagine all this; you are very hp (how is this name, not as good as pw, right? - Ya, Not at all Good! hmm... what about ct, mt How did you stumble at these combo? head-dumps Just being cm… how about that? sounds super cool) or a very simple one dm ;)... don't shout at me now [No, am not shouting but dm is such a nursery kid's abuse… you can do better than that! ;) hehe... ok Also I was thinking we're trying to find some endearing names for each other but the last one makes your 'dislike for me at times' a bit too transparent, doesn’t it, pw? hehe… :) That's not right cm ;)]) and don’t struggle for those chocolates… I’m creating a hue and cry for purple may be (so even you’re not sure why you chose purple, huh?) just to irritate you a bit ;) - I have not had one in such colour for a long time now, no great reason as such - Well, I found some and have ordered them already. Just to irritate you too, I'll try some and hand you an unsealed packet. ;) - thanks but don’t hand over an empty packet and I will be more than happy :) - Good :)

Could you figure out how many levels does this conversation have? Assuming each level was created per day, how many days did this conversation last? Are the brackets matched up? [If they are not then it’s not my fault, it’s hers... Which is the last line or in other words, who had the last word? And philosophically, is this possible in ‘linear flow-chats’ like those that occur in various messengers? [I’ll say NO and refuse to listen to any of your contradicting answers!]

And finally, this colouring method is a great way to

“See” Four-dimensional Space

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