Friday, January 31, 2014


Before writing or saying ‘Happy New Year’ becomes old news for this year, here is a post to wish you the same. So HNY to you!

Starting the quota of this year’s post on our first (wedding) anniversary (yes, it’s been a year!) seems like a good idea. It is also practical because we have been travelling in India this whole month and there’s been not much time to do anything ‘extra’. Now that we are about to get back to our usual routine at our usual places, we thank and pray to those who deserve it:

Heart in His Hand

Heart & Henna on Her Hand

Could you guess how were these shots taken? If yes, good for you. Otherwise, have a look at the following shot:

Setting up the Heart

As you know now, the setup for shooting these pictures is pretty simple. We had seen pictures of heart formed by shadow of a (wedding) ring placed vertically on the seam of an open book. We would like to think of the trick presented here as ‘Our Discovery’ because we have not seen such pictures before. If you disagree, then you can tag these as ‘Our Rediscovery’.


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