Saturday, April 18, 2015


We went to the Fine Arts Museum in Taipei. Few things were interesting but most were not. At some deeper level, it felt like a rip-off even when the entry is free! It was not but the fee was minimal for a three-storeyed and varied arts exhibition. It’s just that I didn’t understand why many things qualified as art in that place. Here are some examples:

Who likes to watch (female) hands with long nails messing up whole ripe fruits? I don’t. Who likes the sound of plates crashing on the dining table? I don’t. [For a moment I thought we have come to a Scary House and the aim is to run as fast as we can!] Who likes to watch cupboards attached to bikes which are actually used as street-side shops? I don’t. Who likes to watch videos looping through mind-numbing b&w footages? I don’t. Who likes to watch portraits of people’s backs instead of their faces? I… uh, well, depends. [Did you miss a smiley there? Smile with tongue out]

Anyway, my point is that modern art is not for me. [There you go! Winking smile] But the great thing about this visit was that I could take my camera inside the museum and shoot some interesting photos. And those are what I’ll share below and as the title reads, this is my take on ‘abstract’ art. You will have to wait for other photos to appear sometime in summer when Microsoft gets its acts together and (re)introduces the feature of ‘share & sync’ in OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive [rage-inducing successor to ‘way-ahead-of-its-times’ Live Mesh]). “Why is that important?”, I hear you ask! To which I answer: because both of us blog-authors can then make one grand album from all the photos we have taken in Taipei that we have put in our respective OneDrives and share it with you, the unsuspecting reader.

So are you ready for a non-trivial dose of ‘abstract-ness’? Here’s the grand exit of this post:

Abstract - I

Abstract - II

Abstract - III

Abstract - IV

Abstract - V

Us: The Blog Authors - I

Us: The Blog Authors - II

Don’t forget your shoes!

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