Sunday, November 29, 2015


At this time of war, we need to come up with new solutions to maintain status quo. Not in the sense you’re thinking, but in the sense that there can be another post per another week.

But really! The weeks nowadays really seem to fly off. As they say, for a kid, a year could feel too long but for its grandparents, the same year may feel fleeting. The measure, of course, being the ratio of the years one has been alive on this miserable planet to this particularly sad, impressively sad & impeccably sad year, and nobody needs reminding that it is, 20, as you rightly recall, 15.

However, an unexpected drop of 4 chapters of Sketchbook has cheered me up incredibly this week! Here’s the start if you like. But these chapters were not done by the usual scanlator group named ‘Musashi Quality’ and as such the quality of this release is not quite ‘Musashi’. It leaves something to be desired… like complete sentences that make sense. Anyway, it is great nonetheless that someone (or some group) has taken it up and are doing their best with the scanlating job. A sample (LYHOL):


I was also reminded of a new acronym this week (which I had heard in one of the episodes of DG:MLiG earlier): WTF ⇒ With Tender Feelings. As anyone would agree, it is a great way to end my emails to my tenderly Superpartner. Smile

Just to make sure you understand that this is not a filler post, I will leave you with a question. Describe the purpose and origin of the following machine:

Guess What?


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