Thursday, December 31, 2015

So Long 2015!

New Year Resolutions (NYR) are for those indecisive baseless pots who forgot there was a year last year. So continuing our tradition from yesteryears, we instead focus on Last Year’s Accomplishments (LaYA). Together they make such a nice sonorous name: NYRLaYA (निर्लय), on which note we start with the beginning of time, beginning of 2015.

Jan – Frankly, just another month of another year. But the month starts with a partcular kind of excitement and hopes. 2015 was so for me as I got my resident visa in China. And for him, a visit to S. Korea participating in a winter school. We celebrated our Cotton anniversary with cotton candy in our hands and horrible winter rants. 

Busan in Jan

Feb – First hand experience of Chinese New Year: a year of Goat / Lamb / Ram / Sheep. I went to Taipei and we spent the long week enjoying the empty city. We made friends with the Domino’s pizza place to say the most.

CNY Celebrations in Feb   

Mar – I didn’t want to go to Taipei so often so we decided to meet at HKG Disneyland. That trip was an adventure in itself. Lots of work got done but time seemed scant in this month as I was getting used to the new country, trying to learn the new language, going around local places and trying to manage the everyday bread and butter. 

HKG Disneyland in Mar

Apr – We celebrated His birthday with a large cake and other bakery stuff. We did some touristy things in Taipei while he updated his MATLAB programs to new versions with resizeable GUIs and all that. Look at the relevant tabs above for details.

His B'day in Apr

May – Summer began and I continued to hop around Guangzhou exploring the city. Academically, His first paper of the year was put up on arXiv after a long delay. Others who heard them (He+3 collaborators) talk about it were more relieved than them I believe.

Watching artwork in May

Jun – A trip to Kuala Lumpur followed by a trip to India. We were exposed to a terrific weather and an equally terrific traffic in Bangalore where he attended Strings’15 Conference. One of his friends from Stony Brook, Marcos was attending the conference too and along with him, we took a trip to Hampi (read the trilogy here and peruse the album here). You should be able to read how the trip felt in Marcos’ own words someday on this blog. Till then, we move on to July.

Genting highlands in Jun

Jul – Good food, relaxation, meeting family & friends in Rajasthan is how July started and it ended up with lot of work at home and office.

Picture Perfect Peacock in Jul

Aug – While it was raining outside, I was making plans of learning and buying a piano. He went to Kyoto,  Japan for another workshop as you might remember.

Women in Yukatas in Aug

Sep – The third quarter is almost over (His one year in NTU too) and it was time for him to move to a new house. This house has 3 cafés just across the street and I wish he visits each one of them (which he is yet to do)!

A Café at NTU in Sep

Oct – A time for me to reflect back on memories, both sweet and sour, to look forward to festivals and more. I started learning Piano in this month and attended a Chinese wedding.

Chinese Wedding in Oct

Nov – I was working towards the end of year goals in office and my personal goal of learning the piano. I went for a Violin concert performed by school students. We took up a challenge to write 24 posts this year whose culmination you see today. He also attended many workshops this month, even travelling to Hsinchu for one.

Violin Concert in Nov

Dec – I grew old by a number, qualitatively every day but quantitatively on a specific day. I have been in Taipei for most of this month and we have been enjoying cakes every week because why not? Academically, He published 2 more papers on arXiv, one just today.

My B'day in Dec

Happy New Year, 2016!


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