Sunday, June 18, 2017

Waseem Barelvi Once More…

After a long time, I recently tried to translate some 'latest' Shers of Dr. Waseem Barelvi. I chose some of the most difficult ones to do that so the translation has not quite met expectations but nonetheless, the post quota on this blog trundles along well. As usual, read the disclaimer from the relevant tab above and we start with the first Sher:

कैसी तौहीन-ए-बज़्म-ए-हस्ती है! रहने वालों ये कैसी बस्ती है?
मौत को लोग देते हैं कांधा; ज़िन्दगी रहम को तरसती है!

Kaisi tauheen-e-bazm-e-hasti hai! Rahne waalon yeh kaisi basti hai?
Maut ko log dete hain kaandha; zindagi raham ko tarasti hai!

What an insult on its character! What’s with this place, folks?
People shoulder death; life just craves for sympathy!

Here’s the video of the full Ghazal for your joy:

वसीम बरेलवी (Waseem Barelvi)

One more try (and last for this post):

वो मेरे घर नहीं आता, मैं उसके घर नहीं जाता
मगर इन अहतियातों से ताल्लुक मर नहीं जाता!

Who mere ghar nahin aata, main uske ghar nahin jaata
Magar in ahtiyaaton se taalluk mar nahin jaata!

They don’t come to my house, I don’t go to their house
But these abstinences never lost the acquaintances!

Again the video of the full Ghazal follows:

वसीम बरेलवी (Waseem Barelvi)

If that's too much poetry for your taste, then you might want to get back to


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