Saturday, September 15, 2018


Today is an important day in the Jain calendar. People start their conversations on this day by saying ‘Khamat Khaamna’ to each other, which means ‘Forgive me if I have said or done anything that hurt you (un)intentionally’. Yesterday was ‘Samvatsari’ – the holiest day and end of an eight day festival [also called as Paryushan] celebrated by Shwetamber Jains. The word Samvatsari has its origin in Sanskrit, the original word being ‘Samvatsara’ which means ‘a year’ and in this context, means ‘occuring once a year’. Unlike other festivals which are about gatherings, food, decorations, gifts, etc. this one is about contemplation, prayer and repentance. Many Jains fast for around 36 hours on the 8th day and at the end of the fast, they seek forgiveness for their words and deeds from all the living beings of the world.

On this important day, ‘Khamat Khaamna’ to our readers.🙏

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