Sunday, April 12, 2020

Sketchbook Ends.

After going through all the nine stages of disbelief, I have finally accepted that Sketchbook had ended. Seriously and utterly accepted that fact. So this is the final mention of Sketchbook v14 on this blog. The previous one is here. But this is the final one. Totally last one where I share some pages from the second half of the volume and my guesses at what they’re all about.

Sketchbook v14 p92-93

Juju, Nagisa and Sora are discussing the crawling curve of a caterpillar and comparing it with the Greek letter Ω. Also it seems that’s how a futon should look when used properly!

Sketchbook v14 p98-99

Sora and Ao in the kitchen with their food related antics. At least, Sora seems to be enjoying them.

Sketchbook v14 p110-111

Asaka is trying to showcase usage of a gourd that she made… As a container for a genie?

Sketchbook v14 p122-123

Just for the Hazuki’s serene pose and obviously, also for how a lint roller should not be used!

Sketchbook v14 p132-133

What little scenes of everyday life. Sheer brilliance! I’ll miss these in my everyday life. Also, this is from the last comic-strip-style chapter of Sketchbook. It is followed by 3 normal-manga-style chapters. The “first” page of the first such chapter.

Sketchbook v14 p140-141

Finally, Kei and Takane seem to have decided to join the Art Club, officially. This chapter then goes on to welcome them with a party where everyone tries to cook something or the other in the club room… I guess.

Sketchbook v14 p154-155

This chapter ends with Sora sketching “everyone” as the party ends with the usual approval from Ooba-senpai. The second regular-comic-style chapter is of course about the Cats. And I will leave the third chapter a mystery.

Well, that’s all. No mention of Sketchbook from now on here. Yes, not at all.

Apart from the pending


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