Saturday, December 31, 2022

In Memoriam, 2022!

So, farewell then, year 2022. I guess no one will remember you in a rush but everyone would like to forget you in a flash. Before that happens, I try to recap some of your major world-wide events.

January: Spent a couple of days in Jaipur.

February: Russo-Ukrainian War begins / escalates.

March: Last day at SNBose Centre.

April: Last day in Salt Lake, Kolkata.

May: Rented a new place in Bangalore.

June: Turkey became Türkiye.

July: Fields Medals announced. (I haven’t yet written the post titled “June Huh is my kind of mathematician”.)

August: Salman Rushdie attacked.

September: Queen Elizabeth II dies.

October: Nobel Prizes announced.

November: World population crosses 8 billion mark!

December: Took a one day trip around BangaloreMOS temples.

Kalpavriksha atop Mandaragiri Hill

Digambar Jain Temple at Mandaragiri

Omkareshwar Temple

Shanmukha Temple

For a much more serious recap of 2022, I leave you with the Private Eye Magazine’s

Year in Review 2022

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