Saturday, October 21, 2023

Safari and Zoo

Dusshera vacation is in full swing. And to keep it so, we went to Bannerghatta Biological park earlier this week. It was part ‘safari’ and part ‘zoo’ trip. We did not go to the butterfly park. After the two-part trip, we ate some red pasta and fried rice and ice-creams at the park itself. No point in belaboring the point, so here are some photos and the end of the post.


Spotted Deer Deer Deer


Lioness Sleeping Lionesses Lion


Tiger White Tiger White Tiger


Zoo Animals

Zebras Langur Bear  Wild Dogs Hippopotamus Elephant Monkeys Aligators Python

Zoo Birds

Emu Hornbill Silver Pheasant Golden Pheasant Ambherst Pheasant Macaw

The Whole Album

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