Friday, February 19, 2010

Multiple Choice Questions

1) How many of the prizes below are real?    

A. Nobel Prize

B. Abel Prize

C. Bibel Prize

D. Tribel Prize

E. Quabbel Prize

2) Which one of the above is odd-one-out?    

3) Which one of the above is odd-one-out in a different context?    

4) Mention both the contexts.


5) Can you consistently extend the above prize list? If yes, do it.





  1. My guess is
    1)None of the above. Any prize i dont get does not exist :D
    2)Quabbel Prize ..Should it be Quadrubel Prize
    3)Nobel Prize
    4)Nobel....does not ring any bells, the rest keep bells ringing
    hence both contexts.
    5)Pentabel Prize , Sextubel Prize ....
    I would go for dumbell prize and bar bell prize also

    N.B. Have had a long day D da. I think most of the answers , like my research will not make any sense

  2. Your reply was humorous and enjoyed reading it... one thing you should note is that 'bel' & 'bell' are sort of different in this post's context!!! Check google buzz for others' answers... :)