Sunday, March 14, 2010

T(w)o ‘thon’ or No(t) t(w)o ‘thon’

The days are passing quietly without much happening, which in itself is a bad sign. On top of that, I got entangled in a dumb squabble last week with AG (one of the friends who came to see me off here) concerning the existence of a numerical suffix ‘-ठों’ in Hindi!

The story is simple: I usually add the above-mentioned suffix to a number to stress multiplicity (like ‘n-fold’) as in दो-ठों (two-of-them). But when AG heard ‘-ठों’ uttered more than once, he could not contain his confusion, giggled and asked: What the hell is ‘-ठों’? I was as confused as he was and shot back: What the hell kind of question is that? And that’s day one of the confusion.

Next day, we were leaving the department to have lunch and he brought up ‘-ठों’ and stressed that it is NOT a Hindi ‘word’. And I stressed it IS! After too much stressing from both sides, it got stressful and we agreed to ask some other Indians around, then and there. (Just for some dramatic effects: It was drizzling then and sorting out this lingual debate was such a ‘high’ priority that) He called one (Source G*) and I called two (Source A & Source S). [It is also interesting to note that he called someone on-campus and I called people way out-of-campus!] Anyway, his ‘accomplice’ agreed with him and my ‘accomplices’ ‘agreed’ with me!

I write the second agreed in ‘inverted commas’ because my Sources confirmed that they have heard ‘-ठों’ used (and they themselves use it!) but added that it is at best a colloquial / regional construct; not an ‘authentic’ part of the Hindi language… (Oh yeah, that much is certain with no reasonable doubt now!)

So after day two, I still use ‘एन-ठों’ (n-of-them!) in Hindi conversations and AG still giggles at its use!

Finally, I’ll leave you with my website’s new address:


*SG has made his first appearance on my blog in this post so no links available to use!


  1. "Tho" or "Thon" is an integral part of the Hindi I know.
    It gives my Hindi identity and who is an authentic speaker without his signature speak.
    Teen Tho cheers for taking up our case to D da.

  2. Thanks DQ Da... am very grateful for your support!!! Your reply has put up Chaar tho Chand on my blogpost. :)

  3. My first day in KGP was peppered with chuckles and puzzled looks from the few Delhi ppl I met, because they hadn't heard this 'tho(n)' business before, or were not used to it.

    And agree with DonQuixote on the Hindi identity bit.

  4. Ek tho more supporter... Thanks Shishir da...