Sunday, May 16, 2010

Walking in the Footsteps of…

… Nagisa Kurihara (the Miracle Girl).

Nagisa Kurihara

Before that, let me just say that I felt excited today while grocery shopping like Hazuki usually feels! Basically, my shopping cost exactly $\$35.00$ and I ‘saved’ exactly $\$3.50$ due to discounts on the prices of 3 items!

Hazuki Torikai

Anyway, let us get back to walking… So, if you read Sketchbook (which I seriously DOUBT!) then you know that Kurihara-Senpai is

An inquisitive but easy-going girl with keen biological interests. Kurihara's knowledge of this field is literally encyclopedic, in the sense that it is only limited by what appears in scientific encyclopedias. She identifies and interacts with a variety of plant and animal life, sharing some of their unique characteristics with other club members and with the audience. [copied from Wikipedia]

Last week, I had an opportunity to visit Ashley Schiff Park Preserve on-campus. It was a tour guided by a Botanist (Margarita, I guess) and Pat (not just a Botanist, I guess!). Learned (or rather got familiar with) a few things like the facts that:

  • Leaves of some plants (like Sassafras) are highly fragrant;
  • Certain plants (Moss) / insects (Gall Wasps) have weird life / reproduction (including alternating sexual & asexual generations) cycles;
  • Leaves can also get bitten by insects in response to which they develop bumps (like us) called galls;
  • Berries (red ones!) / Flowers (tulips) can be there where you don’t expect them to be;
  • There are two types of Solomon Seal plants: True(?) & False(!);
  • Insects camouflage themselves a little too well.

Anyway, that’s all I want to share about that trip for now. Check out the Preserve below:


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