Sunday, August 15, 2010

Keeping Score

So how many times have I made Sketchbook references in my blog posts? Too many times, you’d say; but to be precise, I’ve lost count!

Yesterday, I found another manga, written by Sketchbook’s author “Totan Kobako”, titled ‘Scorebook’. Do you see the pattern here?

It’s not in the ‘famous’ 4-panel style; it’s in the usual free-style. Though, I think people would still assign Sketchbook’s genre of ‘Slice of life’ to Scorebook. It is pitched as ‘a collection of the author’s works’! But still, what is it about? Roughly speaking, it’s about Baseball – high school level baseball – played by Animals including a cow, a rabbit, a box turtle (does it jolt your memory, huh? huuuh???), a cat (named Miké, sounds familiar? doesn’t it???) and Pii-chan (the chicken, anyone? anyone at all??? Sad smile)...

Now, you may be thinking there go the Sketchbook-like arbitrary characters & themes, but you’ll be surprised how wrong you are (or maybe not!!)! Find out for yourself by reading the first few pages of the first volume:


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