Saturday, November 27, 2010

TO and FRO… (I)

Stony Brook (3rd Oct): This is going to be more or less a geography lesson but I’ll throw in some interesting stuff as we move along!

Abu Dhabi (in transit): The airport’s terminal 3 has 60-something PC terminals with free internet access! Smile

SB to Abu Dhabi

New Delhi (in transit): There’s a free shuttle service from international (T3) to domestic terminals and vice versa! Smile

AUH to New Delhi

Nagpur (4-days stay): Stayed with my Didi; ate lots of sweets every single day; bought some clothes; slept more than necessary; enjoyed the time but did not take any photos! Sad smile

DEL to Nagpur

Back to New Delhi: Rendezvous with my parents (who arrived from Kathmandu) at the domestic terminal to go to

Bhilwara (in transit): I did not know that we were now in Rajasthan! Surprised smile

NAG to DEL to Bhilwara

Amet (5-days stay): Surprisingly, it was not that hot even when the temperatures were supposed to be between 30-35°C! Smile

BHL to Amet

As an appetizer to what happened here and what will happen next, check these out.

To be continued…

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